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  1. Not in anywhere else, I only applied to those 3 schools and U of T. Praying for a miracle during this unpredictable cycle! @Luckycharm
  2. Hi Everyone... We're now one week into May and I am still waiting to hear back from Western, Queens, Osgoode. Usually around this time in past cycles, most of the bigger waves have gone out... This year seems to be much slower. Wondering what you all think of my chances at this point in the cycle? Thank you in advance. LSAT: 159 cGPA: 3.83 B2: 3.95 L2: 3.85
  3. Hey! On the Osgoode Admissions Site they say, "The site is refreshed daily, every morning." https://www.osgoode.yorku.ca/programs/juris-doctor/jd-admissions/tracking-application/ Hope this helps!
  4. My application status still shows "Applied"... 159, cGPA 3.83, L2 3.85 Hoping this is a positive sign!
  5. Hi everyone, I am a Canadian Citizen who went to University in the U.S to play NCAA Sports. I got my degree in Business Management (The program is accredited internationally) and I am still waiting to hear back from the schools I applied to in Ontario. I am wondering if my U.S degree is being perceived as a disadvantage by admissions. In other words, will my application be looked at differently than an applicant with a Canadian degree? Thanks in advance!
  6. Congrats! When is the deadline to accept this offer?
  7. Still waiting to hear back from Osgoode, Queens and Western... 159 LSAT, cGPA 3.83, B2 3.95, L2 3.85. I guess it goes without saying, but I am constantly very anxious about my chances.
  8. Went into queue January 8th LSAT: 159 (Wrote January as well) cGPA: 3.83 B2: 3.95 L2: 3.85
  9. What are my chances of getting accepted? LSAT: 159 (rewriting in January) cGPA: 3.83 Best 2: 3.95 last 2: 3.85 all GPA’s calculated by OLSAS
  10. What are my chances on getting accepted? 159 LSAT (rewriting in Jan) cGPA: 3.83 L2: 3.9 B2: 3.9
  11. Thanks for the reply!!! Getting nervous after hearing about the high number of applicants.
  12. Wondering what my chances are of getting into Western Law. LSAT: 159 (rewriting in Jan) cGPA: 3.83 Last 2 GPA: 3.9 best 3 GPA: 3.86
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