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  1. Yeah, haven't heard anything from Western yet 😕
  2. Thanks for the lovely message and advice! Makes sense. Good luck to you too!
  3. Thanks for the advice! I've got some rethinking to I guess. Definitely redoing the lsat in January though. Hopefully will be able to increase my score.
  4. If I go to a Canadian school I intend to practice in Canada and if I go to a US school I intend to practice in the US. But yeah I totally get you.
  5. Great point! Should've clarified, I'm personally more interested in US law which is why this has been my approach. If I could get into a Western/Dal/Queen's I might choose to attend one of those schools over a US school. Thank you for the advice. I will definitely take it into account. I just wish you had approached the situation with an attitude more conducive to effective conversation in this situation. And perhaps I should've been clearer in my original post as to my thought process. Thanks a lot for this message though! I mean it.
  6. Sorry, quick follow-up question is Dal a L2 school? If it is my index score is a 0.792 (converted my 4.0 gpa to a 4.3 scale)
  7. I'm not delusional and thinking I'm too good for any schools. I'm also applying to US schools that fit my stats more. I applied to Canadian schools that were reaches for me (specifically U of T and UBC) and other schools that I felt maybe I could have some shot at once those schools would view my application holistically. My cGPA is low but my L2 is significantly higher so I didn't think it was so clear cut with these schools (e.g. Western, Dal, Queens, York). Again I didn't choose to not apply to other schools because "I think I'm too good for them" I didn't apply because I have back up schools for the US and was treating Canadian schools as my reaches. Since I was hazy about some of them (I did research the numbers before coming here) I thought maybe the users here could provide me with some sort of insights on the nuances of my chances at specific schools. Especially since I can still do the Jan LSAT and potentially improve there! Maybe someone knew of certain cases where someone somehow got into a U of T or UBC with stats similar to this. You never really know, there are outliers in life. I'm using U of T and UBC as examples of the schools I know I have very little chance to get into to help articulate my point more btw not because I actually think I'm too good and belong in those schools. As for the posting on different threads, as I said I'm new and didn't know how this worked. I was going to post one post on the general thread but then saw separate threads for the different unis and thought I had to create a separate post for each uni. Don't know why that bothered you so much as it didn't seem to bother other people but yeah sorry about that. My intention wasn't to spam. The truth is you were very presumptuous here as to who I am as a person and what my thought process is. Other people were kind and you weren't. You made me feel very discouraged especially after reacting to my U of T post with a laughing emoji. That's not wanting someone to have a wakeup call, it's just malintent. Instead of being passive aggressive about the situation, you could've just commented this above message in the first place and I would've replied explaining my thought process and you could've actually helped and provided some insight.
  8. Thanks so much for your help in clarifying. The LSAC news isn't great to hear 😕 Good luck!
  9. I used it for my first time out and didn't really find their explanations helpful. I don't know but I felt like there wasn't really a consistent way of attacking questions with Khan Academy. My diagnostic was a 152 and as you can see from my post ended up getting a 160. I studied for around a month and a half but didn't really find Khan Academy helpful. Was there anything specific you did to make the most of Khan Academy (a study strategy, etc.)
  10. I'm actually pretty strong at LG but so inconsistent with LR and RC. Will look into 7sage. Thanks!
  11. No worries! On the contrary thanks for your help! I just had a really bad sophomore year and it's lowered my GPA so much! But yeah fingers crossed I guess. Good luck! I hope you get into your dream school.
  12. Do you think this remaining month is enough with 7 sage to increase my score?
  13. Is there some calculation/formula you have that gives you that number? Or are you just gauging purely based on previous figures?
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