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  1. Hi, I just had a question about this! So, did you switch your application to dual? Or are you not applied to both single and dual?
  2. Just wanted to provide insight as well - I am also in the same boat. Pretty okay stats, maritime resident, applied in December. However, they did tell me when I emailed them a few weeks ago that most people will not hear anything until April. So, fingers crossed we get an answer soon! Last year I was rejected in May.
  3. I noticed that you've been accepted to both UNB and Saskatchewan, any idea which one you will be accepting?
  4. I didn't explain it in my personal statement but I did explain it in the letter I sent in for special circumstances. Thanks!
  5. The waiting game is killing me. Does anyone have any inputs on my chances? LSAT 154, my undergraduate CGPA is 2.7/4.0, I'm thinking ~3.2-3/4.0 with drops but I really don't know.. I wouldn't be surprised if it was higher than that as I have a very good last two years. My graduate GPA is 3.8/4.0. Both degrees I did political science and focused on political inequality of minority and marginalized persons in Canada. I have special circumstances as to why my LSAT and undergraduate CGPA are lower and I am also a maritime resident. I have excellent references (two graduate professors, a local lawyer, and coach from my time on Team NL). I also (think) I have excellent ECs. Vice President on a mooting team, travel experience, athlete on multiple competitive sporting teams. I worked as a supervisor for a nonprofit charity organization and volunteered in political elections, food banks, hospitals, and coaching positions. Any insight at this point would be helpful- I got rejected last year (I didn't send in special circumstances and my personal statement was very weak). My anxiety is through the roof this time around, really hoping I have a chance since I started my graduate degree, having a better personal statement, etc. Thoughts?
  6. Hi! I was just wondering if UNB considers redone courses in their lowest 25% drop for GPA? For example, if I were to do a course and get a 60 in it but then retake it to get an 86, would both grades be included? Or just the 86? Im just trying to find out what my GPA would be for my application because I know that some schools take all the courses you've done no matter if you've redone them or not, so I was just wondering if that's the same case for UNB! Thanks for the help!
  7. I've applied to Dal, UNB, Ottawa, Ryerson, and Saskatchewan. My Best three for OLSAS is 3.5 and my L2 is 3.62 Thank you to everyone who has responded!
  8. I know that Windsor is hard to predict. However, I was wondering if someone could maybe share some insight. I have a 154 LSAT score and only a 2.9 on a 4.0 Undergraduate GPA. The low GPA is due to my first two years as a science student (clearly wasn't the path for me) I switched to political science (where I focused on political inequality and social injustice) and started getting 75+ grades. I have a degree and a certificate in criminology. Im currently doing my Masters of Arts (Political Science), this semester I came out with an 86% average (around a 3.8-9 GPA). I also have special circumstances as to why my LSAT score isn't overly high and why my third year GPA wasn't as strong as my 4th year. I had to get two extensive surgeries on my knee that left me unable to walk for around 5-6 months (very mentally and physically draining). I have amazing experience with ECs (went to the Canada Games for squash, NL summer games for soccer, NL winter games for volleyball, played at three national tournaments with a club team, and played on Team NL for volleyball for 4 consecutive years) also volunteered in political elections, hospitals, food banks, and I was a coach for both volleyball and squash. I have an abundance of travel experience with a local show choir and I have also been on a mooting team for 2 years (travelled to Osgoode twice and got first place in a local competition) I was vice-president of the team. I also worked as a Provincial Supervisor/Manager for a charity organization. I know that my GPA and LSAT score isn't the best, but I was hoping that I may still have a chance. Thoughts? Do I have a chance at all?
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