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  1. Looking for some suggestions regarding a secondary income steam/side hustle in order enhance my total income. Since the nuances of being a lawyer takes up so much time as is, ideally something weekend based or evening based would make the most sense. If you guys have any suggestions that would be great, thanks!
  2. That’s more or less what I’m expecting, but I was hoping to avoid a phone call and do it in person, but it seems like under the circumstances it will be difficult. Just have to rip off the bandaid I suppose. My boss has quite the ego so I’m anticipating some blowback but ultimately it’s a professional decision. Rip off the bandaid and move on.
  3. Hi all, I’ve been at my firm now coming up on 6 years. It’s been a great ride, however, I’m ready for the next adventure. I’ve locked in a new opportunity elsewhere, but I now have the dreaded task of giving the news to the managing partner of my firm which of course I want to do as professionally as possible. The problem? She is very seldom around at the firm (we’re still working from the office even with COVID). She’s focusing on the business side of things and usually works from home, although does come into the office every now and then but without regular hours or predictably. So... how do I do this? Waiting until I run into her next isn’t ideal because I have a new job with a new start date coming up, so I can’t keep pushing giving her the heads up that I’m leaving because I of course want to ensure there’s still 2 weeks notice. On the other hand, I could send an email so at least I’m giving them ample notice and not waiting until who knows the next time I’ll see the managing partner (the other partners aren’t involved in hiring or HR matters and it’s the managing partner who hired me and who signs our cheques). I suppose I could give her a call out of the blue and let her know, but that sound quite lame. If anyone has any suggestions I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!
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