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  1. Accepted this morning via email notification!!! LSAT : 170 CGPA: 3.7 In Queue: 12/08/2020 Completed part B. If you have yet to hear anything, just remember there are MONTHS left in this process and an offer is likely on the way!! Congrats everyone!
  2. Accepted via the portal!! cGPA: 3.71 LSAT: 170 Good luck to everyone !!
  3. Honestly I am a very anxious person and new to the forum... I had not spoken to anyone else about stats or scores, and just like everyone else on here, I am nervous about applications and I was looking for some outsider input, which I guess I got in some form or other... Thank you for your kindness, I appreciate it.
  4. Promised myself I wouldn't do this, but here we are... Thanks in advance!
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