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  1. I declined bc of the possible tuition increases (which turned out being a valid fear lol) and the political climate (fuck the UCP). I’m also from Edmonton and the urban sprawl is a bit much for me, I want to live in a good neighbourhood for law school. U of a is an amazing school though and everyone who goes will get a wonderful education.
  2. I'm going to expect all my directions start with a bagel stop from now on thanks for the insight!
  3. Yay, congrats! my partner graduated mcgill law this year and had friends who moved to MTL for the first time living in that nerighbourhood and they seemed to have mixed experiences because even though it's close, there's not much in the way of groceries/ amenities.
  4. My only worry with the mile end is that i am notoriously bad at waking up and early classes might kick my ass if it's a long commute LOL. But I loveeeee the neighbourhood and it's close to most of my hobbies so that could be amazing!
  5. Presumably, all of you aren't coming straight from undergrad, so maybe those who are not in finals seasons could do that. But writing an email to the minister of advanced education (who would have to approve this hike since it's over 7%) would take 3 minutes. His email is [email protected] Or you could write to the faculty's email. This is seriously a crazy increase and will keep more disadvantaged students out of law. The cheapness of tuition was the main reason I was considering UofA so I feel like they're losing a major draw. If you guys can make your voices heard and save yourself thousands of dollars, you'll not only be benefitting your future financial situations but also society as a whole.
  6. Thanks for the response!! NDG is definitely appealing too, hmm.
  7. you guys should protest. march. organize. write to the minister of advanced education. cause a stink lol this is unacceptable.
  8. Hi all! For those of you who are moving to MTL (or maybe moving somewhere new in MTL), what neighbourhoods are you thinking of living in? I went there for undergrad and lived in residence, then near place des arts and then in the Milton-Parc community so I want to avoid those places. Ideally, I'd love to find some fun girls to room with but I don't even know which neighbourhoods to start looking at lol. I think the Plateau or the village is probably where i want to end up... but do you guys have any thoughts on your living situation for next year?
  9. Mine was about 20 mins! My advice is just to be able to understand what is being asked of you because you can reply in French or English so you really don't need speaking skills– only comprehension. I replied in English and didn't get any French conditions. I had a couple of days of notice so I just spoke French with a friend a couple of times to refresh and that worked well so maybe try that!
  10. Accepted today!! I had my french interview yesterday at 4:30 pm and woke up to the email. So so excited. My undergrad cgpa was 3.7x in an honours program at mcgill and my lsat was 165. I'm also doing a masters rn. ECs/ work experience was strong, statement was strong, LORs average. Unsure if I'll accept my offer but cried happy tears nonetheless.
  11. I'm sorry to hear that!! I'm sure you will end up somewhere great. If you don't mind me asking, why don't you think you did great?
  12. hey! the fee category is undergraduate admissions deposits and the fee type is juris doctor. you go to that page and just select those options from the drop down category.
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