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  1. I wrote my LSAT in November and am rewriting in January. I’ve read on this site and other blogs that we have to email schools to confirm they will only assess my application once my January score has been released by LSAC. anybody able to confirm this?
  2. Just got my OLSAS calculation just wanted to see my chances for Ontario schools as I’ve applied to Osgoode, Ryerson, Western, Queens, Ottawa, and Windsor. Any insight would help!
  3. I have a very specific question about how OLSAS calculates the CGPA. I was basically enrolled in online courses while I took a few years off before my undergraduate degree. So I have about 6 courses that I took at another institution, 3 of which were used as transfer credits toward to my undergraduate degree. Will OLSAS include only some of these courses in the calculation? will they include all? will they include none? these courses show up at no credit on my current university transcript and aren’t considered on the GPA calculation for my unofficial transcript. Any insight is appreciated!
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