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  1. Hi all, Has anyone tried 7Sage's Admissions Course ($10) or their consulting editing service ($199)? Leaning more towards the $10 option although it provides no direct feedback on one's application/statement of interest. If you've used other sources for your personal statements, please let me know. Looking for good resources free or not! :)
  2. I just reached out to Harvard Ready to get more information. Will most likely be going with them at this point! It's definitely not mentioned enough on Reddit (I assume because it's Canada based and used to be in person? so less accessible to American test takers). Just hoping to pick the right one to invest in so I never have to go through this again lol🙃
  3. Has anyone paid for any of their courses? I'm about to start studying again to re-take the LSAT in August (hopefully). I'm familiar with PS Logic Games because that's what I used to learn that section. I have Manhattan's Logic and Reading books, just wondering if any of their courses is worth the money? I tried 7Sage and I really wanted to love it but he talks so fast in the videos, even at normal speed that I just zone out the whole time. It's just not for me. I'm not very good at holding myself accountable to self-study which is why I'm maybe looking into a prep course to maximize my score this time around. Any recommendations are welcomed!!!
  4. Thank you Good luck to you still waiting. I really felt some weird anxious connection to your posts this whole time. I hope you get good news!
  5. Rejected today at 3pm MST L2: 3.5 (finished in January 2021) LSAT: 152 (Jan Flex 2021) Not surprised because my LSAT was very low - I only studied 2 months for my first write lol. Funny enough, I had just bought new books to start studying again literally a couple days ago to re-apply next year. Worked full time hours through most of undergrad, club director, volunteered at school programs, volunteered at several non-profits I must say it sucks feeling not good enough reading the letter BUT my GOD it feels great to know their decision. The waiting game was too painful!!!! It is nice to have closure either way. PS: The email subject line says: "Law Admissions Decision Letter - Fall 2021" and you must open the PDF letter to see their decision. The UofC portal will update and if you go under "My applications" it will show an X or a checkmark depending in their decision. It's pretty straightforward and in your face. You don't need to click on status. - Good luck to everyone else still waiting! Hopefully I get to write in a different thread next year 😊
  6. It really is frustrating and discouraging. There's days where I tell myself to still be hopeful and that those who have gotten their offers are not automatically accepting them as most have applied to other schools as well. Sometimes telling myself a waitlist might be the most realistic and optimistic scenario for myself helps, other times I just get sad thinking it's not even numbered and it would be a waiting game 2.0. I've gone from checking the forum 1473747 times every day to not more than 5 times on an anxious (bad) day. It's helped a lot. It's such a rollercoaster - it truly feels like this year has been put on hold for me until I hear back. COVID restrictions also make it worse. We just need to hang in there, there's probably hundreds of us left. I hope we hear back soon with good things! Remember, another day of silence means we're still in the game.
  7. UofC has stated that everyone will hear from them by June with either an acceptance, waitlist or regrets. I'm also impatient, but I dare say just because there hasn't been posts claiming they've been waitlisted or rejected doesn't mean it's not happening. Remember this is still a forum.
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