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  1. You're absolutely correct in that assessment. I want to thank you as well because you've given me a new perspective that UofT doesn't have to be THE place to go for law school. You also helped sober me up a little about the prices. 100K+ is absolutely no joke and it is a serious financial commitment that would definitely hover over my head for years. Have a good night. Kind regards, SANTI CLAWZ
  2. Hello! Thank you for pointing out this financial aid calculator to me, I've done some very, very rough math but I think I got a ballpark figure of where my parents and my financial situation will be in 4 years and the calculator said I'd get 17K in financial aid. That sounds pretty good and something that I can work with. Even if it was a little less, as much as 5K less (+/- My math was actually trash) that is something that might sway my eventual decision and has motivated me to work harder. I wanna thank everyone who has posted their opinions. I learned a lot! Kind regards, SANTI CLAWZ
  3. Thank you, I truly appreciate your opinion. Kind regards, SANTICLAWZ
  4. Thank you for your opinion. I truly appreciate it. Kind regards, SANTICLAWZ
  5. I thank you for responding. What I'm looking for is stability really. I want to go to school, get a job that isn't mind numbing or puts an extreme amount of pressure on you mentally and physically (a little of both isn't too bad but I'm really not in the interest of putting in 9000 billable hours, its an exaggeration but I hope you know what I mean), pay my debts and move on with my life and simply work as a lawyer until I retire, then move to Germany, specifically Bavaria and just stare at the Alps all day until I die. If I go to UofT Law, I can just live with my parents rent free, practically everything free but school costs. If I go to UWindsor I'd be paying for school and living costs (rent and all that jazz) but it would still be less than the amount of tuition I pay every year for UofT. "Are you asking whether you'll earn back the difference in tuition and living costs between Windsor and U of T if you choose the latter?" For this part specifically, I'm asking if the amount of money I put into UofT will be worth it for the field I choose. What's the point of dropping 100k or whatever the total tuition cost is for UofT and I end up not on Bay Street but somewhere else making significantly less when I could go to Windsor or somewhere else that is cheap and get a job there for similar salaries? If that's the case then what justifies going to UofT besides the fact that its UofT? The only reasoning I can think of for why I would pick UofT over Windsor is because I would probably suffer the largest case of FOMO ever and because I've grown up in Toronto my whole life. Is that really worth 6 figures?
  6. I appreciate the response, I think I'm doing well in the departments of doing well and enjoying my undergrad so far. Although the latter is a little hard with online school.
  7. Good afternoon, I'm not in a position currently where I am applying to law schools, I'm still in my first year of undergrad but I do know I want to go to law school and become a lawyer. Today, I was thinking about law school once again and I started thinking about whether or not going to UofT is financially worth it if I'm not going to do something that really rakes in the cash. That, as a cost-saving measure it would make more sense to go to another school outside of Toronto such as UWindsor. Not to say that UWindsor is a bad school (I apologize if I offended anyone). I did a quick google search about the tuition differences between the two schools (Nothing deep, just a 2 second "so and so tuition?"). I learned that UWindsor's tuition is 16k a year while UofT is 33k (domestic student prices). The price differences are drastic, while UofT is over double the tuition costs of UWindsor, I have to figure out whether or not going into something other than say corporate law is worth it from a financial standpoint. I understand this is an open-ended question and I probably will not be able to get a 100% certain yes or no, but just to hear some other peoples perspectives would be great and super insightful. I also apologize for my grammar. Thank you. Kind regards, SANTICLAWZ
  8. Thank you Chief. I appreciate the advice! Kind regards, SANTICLAWZ
  9. Good morning, Here's a copy paste of my previous post just to introduce myself quickly. "I am in my first year of my undergrad and as I'm completing my first semester I've been thinking about life after university. One idea that came up was law school. This was not the first time I thought of attending law school in my life, I thought about it in high school a bit but I didn't think it was possible with my grades and work ethic. However, something changed in university and now I actually care about school and dedicate time to getting the best grades I can achieve. Due to this change of circumstance, I feel confident in at least attempting the LSAT and maybe applying to law school in the next few years." As the quote stated, I'm in in my first year and I've begun to take a serious consideration into law school. With that, I want to know what kind of interesting specializations(I'm not sure that's the right word but I'm using it anyway.) are out there that I can take a look at and (possibly) make a career out of. My idea is that I want to make money, I don't want to be broke, but I also don't want to think about getting out of the profession within 5 years because of the workload. Any suggestion is welcome. Thank you. Kind regards, SANTICLAWZ
  10. Sweet! Alright that's wassup man. I'll definitely be getting into a club or a team then. That's dope! Thanks!
  11. Just to clarify, A law program does not care what my extra curricular is as long as it's an extra curricular? An example would be like if I walked onto my university's basketball team which I think I could do (I haven't looked into it but I've seen some of their players play and I'm way better than them), If I did that for a year, and then a bunch of other clubs the people who decide if I get in or not are all going to look at them equally?
  12. What kind of internships or "something significant" do you mean? Thank you.
  13. So right now, I don't have anything lower than a 90 in all my classes except for one which is going to go up really soon because I crushed the midterm. Do you have any tips I can use to perform better? I feel like the only reason I have excellent grades now is because everything is online + it's first year.
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