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  1. I got waitlisted at Windsor, still waiting for Dal, Ottawa, Queens, Western. - Dal is my first choice good EC (published in human rights journal, 2 years at a 2 different law firms, Moot Court, published in undergraduate journal) and letters from prof and boss who know me well LSAT: 157 CGPA: 3.5 L2: 3.75 B2: 3.77 I'm so stressed
  2. I'm still waiting - my application has been under review since like December!!
  3. I think January! I'm not sure exactly when
  4. I got waitlisted for the single JD yesterday! CGPA: 3.55, B2: 3.75 LSAT: 156 Social justice specific, years of experience in a law firm (focused on helping minorities), published research in a human right's journal, moot court team, moot court exec
  5. thank you so so much for posting this! My stats are very similar to yours and I've been so freaked out seeing everyone's 165+ We got this!
  6. @msk2012 Hi! What schools would you otherwise reccomend?
  7. Hi! I'm debating those three schools. Here are some things that are important to me: small classes, small program I want to do immigration law, small scale I don't want to work for a big company small tight community feel I want to know my professors closely, work on research maybe further my interest in human rights law? Help!
  8. @culitigator Thank you!! I actually noticed that there were multiple comments by the same couple people about private tutors which seemed a little sus Im sorry about your wasted money
  9. @luckycharm does a private tutor really make that big of a difference? I was going to buckle down and grind during Christmas break
  10. yup! and I already know im not getting anything for a while
  11. CGPA: 3.6 Best 2: 3.8 LSAT: 155 - I'm retaking the LSAT - but i don't know how much better I can do :( I'm applying with a strong PC and my references are good, I have 3+ years of experience in immigration law, published research in a human rights journal, involved in moot court team - but im so worried about my LSAT. I applied to: Western, Windsor, Queens, McGill, Uottawa and Dal - Queens is my top choice
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