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  1. hi all! sorry if this is a redundant question, but I was struggling to find a concrete answer. Does anyone know who I would specifically email to get my GPA confirmed? I can’t seem to find any information on this, but I want to be sure I email the right person! Thanks!
  2. LSAT: 162 L2: 3.56 ish index: 242 hahaha my fingers remain crossed...
  3. Thank you so much for all your help & detailed journey. I’m ready to get back in the metaphorical saddle !
  4. Hi everyone! due to some unforeseen changes, I will be tackling this lovely test again. I wrote it in November and got a 162, and haven’t studied since. Just wondering if anyone has any advice for starting up my studying after such a long break. Does the test come back to you pretty quickly? If anyone has any suggestions or tips on how to maximize my time, I would really appreciate it! I’m honestly not sure where to even begin, but I’m hoping to get to a 167+ by July ish
  5. thank you so much! Even though lots has changed it’s still motivating to know I would have had a shot (if I was better informed lol)
  6. hey everyone, in light of all the new information (or lack thereof), I have been doing a lot of thinking and would love some input. I am sitting at L2 GPA of 3.56 and a one-time LSAT of 162. Before, I was a borderline applicant. Now, I am trying to be realistic and realize my chances have gone down significantly, because my stats aren't as competitive as they may have once been. I just need some advice: do you guys think it's realistically (I know, it's all very circumstantial and hard to predict, but just using your best guess) worth waiting for a rejection/acceptance, which may or may not come until April/May? I am kind of thinking that maybe it's better to be using this time to get back on my LSAT grind and try to get a significant score increase to apply again. I just don't want to waste valuable time that I could be spending studying if it's pretty certain I won't get in this year. Basically, just looking for some other opinions/best guesses on what could be considered a reasonable next move for me. Thanks so much
  7. RIP to me and my single LSAT, and all the attempts I didn’t take for fear of botching my average. Looks like I might have to retake the thing.
  8. Okay well as a previously exactly borderline applicant...I am panicking just a bit
  9. I applied in October and took my lsat in November and my lsat scores still haven’t been received either. The wait is killer !
  10. hey guys, took my first LSAT in November, got a 162. I've already applied and opted against re-writing in January because I didn't think that I could realistically increase my score enough to improve my average. Looking at past threads, my stats seem borderline. Anyone have any bets on whether I'll be in? thanks!
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