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  1. Hello Everyone! Hope you are all doing well. I wanted to get some advice from you on choosing a law school. So far I have been accepted into the following 5 universities: 1. The University of Calgary 2. Dalhousie University (Schulich) 3. University of Manitoba 4. Thompson Rivers University 5. Windsor University Factors I am considering: - Would like to come back to BC to practice - Would like to live with my Fiance while in school, he can only move to major cities (cannot move to Kamloops) due to his job at a major Engineering firm - Coops, clubs, moots, future practice areas Are there any other factors you think I should be considering? Thanks friends!
  2. Accepted! GPA: A- (L2) LSAT: 162 Still deciding whether to accept. Going to wait on other schools ! SO HAPPY TO BE ACCEPTED HERE. For all of you waiting, good luck and do some yoga. It helped me so much during the waiting period.
  3. 3.7 is L2 and 3.39 is cGPA! That’s why I’m worried 😳 and also some schools calculate l2 differently too I’ve noticed. Just such an intense system! But thanks for the pump ahaha !
  4. You'll likely get into Calgary, if you haven't already.
  5. If you had applied to Calgary, you would have gotten in. Those were my stats. Don't know much about those other schools.
  6. SO VERY EXCITED TO BE POSTING IN THIS THREAD! I'm so glad I got this acceptance early so now I can stop stressing about my other applications. This was one of my top choices! I got the email in the morning today. I have until March 31, 2021 to accept. LSAT: 162 GPA: 3.39 CGPA GPA: 3.91 (normal last 60 credits) BUT 3.61 L2 is likely what got me in cause Calgary is only looking at last 15 courses and ignoring winter semester which REALLY bumped me up. My application was in mid October and everything was submitted at around the same time. Decent personal statement, decent ECs, decent work experience but tbh not sure what decent, good, or bad means on these forum cause the competition is so different. Sending good vibes to you all and hope you hear back soon! ❤️
  7. It just updated yesterday with the grade. I’ll add a screenshot of what it looks like in a bit!
  8. How long were you all in the "under evaluation" stage?
  9. What happens if there are 2 programs of study but they were completed as part of one degree? For example, I went into university in Bachelor of Science. Then in 3rd year, I switched to a Bachelor of Arts. But all my science credits were used as electives in my degree. Now my OLSAS gpa is showing under 2 degree programs and the GPAs are different. So do they look at your cGPA as part of your entire 120 credits degree or just your program.
  10. I can see it! Go to Academic Background and beside your transcript there should be a view button. When you click that you can see it!
  11. AHAHAH I really hope I didn't. It seemed okay to me LOL. Thanks for the advice though. I'll email her and see.
  12. Thanks everyone! Really appreciate the responses. I also wanted to update that TRU doesn't say 3.7, it just says A-. I just got confused cause I was searching up what A- means. So it's totally likely that my GPA is 3.5 or so according to TRU depending on what A- means to them.
  13. TRU updated on their site that my GPA according to them is 3.7 (A-), 162 LSAT. I'm so anxious about waiting for acceptances. Do I have a chance here? Do you think my GPA and LSAT are competitive for this school? Good PS and good ECs, good reference letters. If you think I will get accepted, when do you think I would get to know judging by these stats?
  14. I only applied discretionary for UBC and UVIC because I knew I had basically zero chance with my stats to get in and since there are limited spots in discretionary usually I figured I would have a better chance in normal category for the other schools. Not sure if this was the right decision but that's what ended up happening. Thanks for your response.
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