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  1. Hey OP, just a couple questions to consider. Did you apply general? Did you write the optional essay? How many ECs/how strong do you think they were? You've got great stats, but remember GPA and LSAT are only 2/3s of the application. I can understand the anxiety completely though, because a 175 is an incredible place to be at and it does seem strange that you didn't hear back. Good luck to you
  2. For those of you who are 1Ls and up, was the admin-controlled group useful in introducing you to others? ie. were you then able to find some people on Facebook/Instagram and connect with them?
  3. me too!! so cool that we will/could all be classmates next year!
  4. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for all of you guys!! Unsure if they'll continue into Monday but for your sakes I hope so ❤️ if not, remember that your worth isn't tied to a single school accepting you (even if it can sometimes feel like that). Best of luck everyone
  5. round 1 they went until 5 I think!!
  6. CANNOT BELIEVE I am saying this, U of T is my dream school and I've been sobbing for the last 45 mins. I will absolutely be accepting. My phone wasn't working so I got a voicemail. The second I heard I nearly fell out of my chair hahaha. cGPA: 3.76 LSAT: 173 Wrote the optional essay!
  7. They just started round 2! Good luck, everyone!!
  8. Honestly I've thought the same thing as I've been watching the clock, but I know some people said that last year they got their calls at dinner time so I'm like who knows? Maybe there's still time today for them to start! I'm just trying to stay chill but it's hard when I'm so excited lol
  9. I wonder if they would update the blog to let us know that it won't happen today? I'm holding out hope that since they didn't say it isn't happening, it might still be happening. The blog post did say that 28-29 was the "likely" date, but to me it seemed more like that was the latest-case-scenario, although that could have been me being too hopeful hahaha.
  10. update: the healthy breakfast ended up turning into McDonalds but hey at least I've been doing schoolwork.
  11. Good morning guys! Let's keep our fingers crossed I'm feeling good, working on eating a nice healthy breakfast and doing some reading to distract me. (of course, the occasional check online is also required )
  12. I feel you on the phone ringing thing -- it's definitely nerve-wracking! I've come to the acceptance that it isn't happening today which has helped with the nerves, but tomorrow will definitely be another exciting/nervous day!
  13. I think they would have updated the blog if they had started calls today, it's more likely it'll be this afternoon or (most likely) tomorrow!
  14. the blog says rounds 1 and 2 are only acceptances, but round 3 is acceptances, waitlists, and rejections. So there's a chance some of us could have to wait; we'll see though!
  15. Anyone else just really excited for round 2? I know they said today/tomorrow (I'm assuming tomorrow) and I am so excited haha, I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much since there's also round 3 but I can't help it. I figured if anyone else can understand my excitement, it'd be you guys! U of T is my dream school so the anticipation is very high for me. I'm working on homework to keep my mind busy, what are your guys' strategies?
  16. I'll be starting law school in the fall regardless of whether it's in-person or online. It sucks that it could be online, especially since the social aspect of law school (meeting other students, getting to know the profs, networking, etc.) is something that I think is so important to the experience, but I haven't struggled with online school so I don't think it would affect my in-class learning, and the networking is something that I can still get as a 2L or 3L when the pandemic is over.
  17. Thank you so much, all of these resources are very useful! thank you, this is awesome!!!
  18. Thank you so much for your in-depth response! It is my dream school because of the JD/MA program that they offer, and also because it is close enough for me to commute and live at home. (mostly the JD/MA thing though, that's a big thing for me.) Debt is not a huge concern for me because I have family help paying for my tuition, but I will definitely take this into consideration! I'm not married to the idea of family law, but I figured it was better to have an idea now than when I'm already committed to a school. Thanks again
  19. Oh I'm so glad someone made this thread, it has been over a week for me and I was getting really nervous! I assumed it'll take a while but I'm glad to hear it's not because I messed something up
  20. Does anyone know the timeline for updating the GPA with fall grades/does OLSAS recalculate? My second transcript was received by OLSAS yesterday and I am wondering when those grades will show up on my Academic Background.
  21. Hey guys!! So U of T is my dream school and I'm hoping to go into family law; I know that there is a focus on corporate law at U of T but I'm wondering if anyone pursued family law and how they found their experience as a student and after they graduated? TIA
  22. Last year they posted on the 25th saying the second wave had been completed! I'd say next week or the week after
  23. How much will the update affect your GPA? My instinct would be to wait, but if you want the update to count towards round 2, then I can't see the harm to it except that you're paying for each submission so it's an extra cost. I'm a 0L though, so maybe someone with more experience would be able to chime in.
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