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  1. I am a K-JD (0L starting in August) and honestly I'm glad I didn't take time off because I'm excited to be able to start my career earlier and get my feet wet before I decide to start a family. Accepted at 21 and honestly have no regrets - I don't even know what I would do on a gap year hahaha.
  2. Oh you KNOW I've already got an external monitor - it is absolutely life changing and I have never looked back. I also prefer physical textbooks (and have a textbook stand) so I'm leaning towards not getting the tablet. Thanks for the advice!!!
  3. I've been wondering the same thing. I got a brand new laptop this year, knowing I'd need to upgrade for law school, but so many people have said a tablet is great for taking quick notes on, annotating electronic readings, etc. so I'm wondering if I should invest in one as well as my laptop. I'd be willing to pay the extra $$$ for it if it would pay off, but I don't want to make a superfluous purchase if it isn't super life-changing.
  4. I was thinking about this last night, because all of me wanted to say "yes!! do it, put the word in, be edgy and start changing the way we view personal statements." But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it'll take a lot more than one voice to change things, and in the meanwhile, the consequences will fall on those trying to create change. At the end of the day, the choice is up to OP. We can all stand here and offer our viewpoints, but none of us are the ones taking the risk. What you could possibly do is tailor your PSs and include the cuss word in some but not all, depending on how many schools you're applying to; this may not be the most ideal option but does allow you to authentically tell your story to some schools, and tell it in a more "polite" (ie. palateable) way to other schools.
  5. In this context you provided, I think that you may be okay in putting it in your PS, considering that it is something derogatory used against you (rather than by you). It'd be different if you were just quoting someone saying something like "Get s**t done!" but in this context, I honestly don't see anything wrong with it. I will preface this, though, by saying I am, in general, someone who cusses frequently and is quite comfortable with reading that sort of language (obviously not derogatory language but you catch my drift), so someone not as comfortable with it may have a different perspective.
  6. Overeager 0L here - anyone have any insight into which profs teach the 1L courses. Thanks
  7. Hey OP, just a couple questions to consider. Did you apply general? Did you write the optional essay? How many ECs/how strong do you think they were? You've got great stats, but remember GPA and LSAT are only 2/3s of the application. I can understand the anxiety completely though, because a 175 is an incredible place to be at and it does seem strange that you didn't hear back. Good luck to you
  8. For those of you who are 1Ls and up, was the admin-controlled group useful in introducing you to others? ie. were you then able to find some people on Facebook/Instagram and connect with them?
  9. me too!! so cool that we will/could all be classmates next year!
  10. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for all of you guys!! Unsure if they'll continue into Monday but for your sakes I hope so ❤️ if not, remember that your worth isn't tied to a single school accepting you (even if it can sometimes feel like that). Best of luck everyone
  11. round 1 they went until 5 I think!!
  12. CANNOT BELIEVE I am saying this, U of T is my dream school and I've been sobbing for the last 45 mins. I will absolutely be accepting. My phone wasn't working so I got a voicemail. The second I heard I nearly fell out of my chair hahaha. cGPA: 3.76 LSAT: 173 Wrote the optional essay!
  13. They just started round 2! Good luck, everyone!!
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