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  1. I would call them. That’s the only way I was able to get the information I needed. They usually pick up early in the morning, at 9/10 am
  2. Hi everyone! I noticed that so many more people on this forum have opted for a LOC (Scotia Bank seems to be the way to go) as opposed to a student loan. Does anyone have any insight? Which of the two is better? I will be attending UBC. The BC government just recently eliminated interest rates on all government issued loans. I’ve also heard that the federal government will eliminate interest rates until 2023 (not sure if that’s actually true).
  3. Got an offer today!!! So excited ! Self-calculated GPA : 85% LSAT: 168 Index: 92.72 Applied December 1
  4. When I called last week and asked, they said they didn't know yet. I called again today to ask what my GPA was (my file is "complete, awaiting evaluation") and they told me they haven't calculated it yet and I should check back in February. I'm assuming the second wave won't be until late January/ early February?
  5. Today I finally received my login info. Under "transcripts received" it only says "no" . Does that mean they haven't matched them to my file yet or does it mean I need to resend them? Has anyone else had the transcripts status changing from "no" to "yes" , or maybe "missing"? I sent my transcripts back in September and applied on December 1st. Thank you!
  6. I just got my login info. I sent my transcripts twice too and under transcripts received it says "no" . Does yours say "no" too?
  7. I applied on December 1st and still haven't received my login info. Has anyone received it yet?
  8. How did you get in contact with them by phone? When I call it goes to voicemail
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