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  1. Yes! Sorry I only included my SFU gpa in my cGPA when I converted it to OLSAS, not my Sciences Po since it was exchange and they said I didn’t need to have the WES conversion
  2. Thanks for the feedback! Now I’m curious about what you said before you edited your post GrumpyMountie lol Hopefully I get in despite the fact that Sciences Po has been dinking around with my transcript and not replying to my emails (although that is just typical French bureaucratic behaviour). Thankfully uO waived that requirement for me when I sent them my pages of one-sided email correspondence 🤪
  3. Please destroy my confidence 😩 What are my chances? Additional info: I am getting a BA from SFU, major with honours in Political Science (thesis), extended minor in French, wrote a personal statement about how I really want to study international law and work in diplomacy and affirming my commitment to human rights, wrote about my thesis on multilateralism and international law, spoke about my exchange to France where I studied at Sciences Po, and started it with a heartwarming story about overcoming homophobia and improving my small town for future generations of the Gays. Worked in the legal department of a large Canadian corporation. Interned at my dad’s small town firm. Got glowing LORs from my thesis supervisor, the legal director at the corporation I worked at, and the law prof at Sciences Po whose class I aced. Never specifically mentioned that I speak French, but figured it was implied from my minor and the 2 years I lived in France. The university of Ottawa is the only law school I applied to because my main goal is to do the JD/MA in International Affairs with Carleton, otherwise I’ll probably just do an MA (or apply again next year with a better LSAT hopefully, but possibly a worse GPA as the mandatory econ classes I am in (for the MA) might be the end of me). ✌️
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