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  1. I'm hoping that classes are in-person since I'm excited at the prospect of moving to Victoria for the JD Fall 2021 start and it would be great to meet all my classmates in person (if possible) right from the beginning. The latest news with vaccinations imply that by September anyone who wants one will be able to get it, so in theory in person classes should be relatively safe by that time, but of course who knows how things will actually play out. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Or either way - whether classes are in person or online - when will the faculty let students know so we have enough time to prepare to move, find accommodations, etc?
  2. Got the call yesterday (and I missed it!), but got left a voicemail that I got in! Will definitely be accepting as UVic was my first choice. Still waiting to hear back from other schools I applied to but at this point I don't see myself changing my mind. GPA - 3.5ish after drops, LSAT - 168
  3. First letter of the year for me, and needless to say I'm excited to post this here! cGPA - 3.48 L2 - 3.45 LSAT - 168 Not sure if I'll be accepting since I'm waiting to hear back from a couple more schools, but Calgary is definitely among my top choices. Good luck to everyone else waiting to hear back!
  4. Hey all, quick question - I applied at the start of November and checking my application status it still says my transcript hasn't been received. I really don't remember if I was supposed to upload an unofficial transcript or something along those lines or if UVic is requesting it from where I went for undergrad (U of A). I'm sure I followed all the instructions re. application documents but I honestly can't remember at this point (too many applications haha). I'll email them soon just to double check but thought I'd ask here as well. Thanks!
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