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  1. I was accepted by Western this cycle with with a 3.08 cGPA and a 3.65 L2 (and a 167 LSAT). Mind you, I also have 2 masters degrees and got an A- average in both (both were course-based). I think cGPA does matter, but they account for how long ago your undergrad was and what you've done since then, and whether you've proved that you could probably do better if you were given another chance (and ergo succeed in law school).
  2. My impression is that most non-professional grad programs are fully funded. I haven't heard of any at UWO that aren't anyways...
  3. Got the email yesterday. cGPA 3.1 L2 3.65 LSAT 167
  4. I have super similar stats. The lowest probability someone's given me is 75% and others have said definitely.
  5. Thanks so much for the feedback! Small reassurances like this are invaluable when it comes to mitigating stress...
  6. Two master's degrees, good LORs and decent ECs. Also applied to Queen's and Windsor, and I was admitted into UNB a few days ago.
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