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  1. That's my main concern as well—whether to add short descriptions or not. I think I won't end up adding any since it might make it look a tad cluttered. To be fair, the things I'm putting down are also fairly self-explanatory.
  2. Hi everyone, Just wondering how in-depth everyone went on Part B of their personal statements? Or how long you made them/how many bullet points you had? The website's instructions don't provide any information as to the appropriate length: "In Part B, using bullet point format only, list any other activities or achievements that you want the Admissions Committee to know about. You may wish to include your academic achievements, employment experiences, extra-curricular endeavours, community involvement, or other life experiences or personal attributes that you have not previously highlighted in your application." I was thinking of treating this essentially as another version of the OLSAS Sketch. Any thoughts on that? Thanks!
  3. No answers for you but I'm in the same boat. My LSAT score currently isn't too fantastic (doable but kind of pushing it) and I'm retaking in January to get a better score. Hopefully they don't just dismiss my application before my Jan score comes in/that they'll reevaluate it once I get a better score.
  4. Honestly, I just wouldn't want to go anywhere but UBC, UofT, or Osgoode (not sure why I applied to UVic to be frank). Grew up in downtown Vancouver and did undergrad at UofT—been living in cities my whole life and don't want to move away to a smaller city, even just for school. If there were more law schools in Vancouver or Toronto, I'd happily apply to those (didn't apply to Ryerson just because I didn't feel like it was a good fit overall). I'm not itching to go to law school straight out of undergrad that bad anyway so if I don't get into any of these three schools this round, I'd rather wait until next cycle and reapply with what I'm sure will be a better LSAT score after a year of practice!
  5. ^ Oops, meant to ask if I should cancel my Nov LSAT score. Sounds like everyone understood what I was saying though. Thank you all for the input! Spent the first 3 weeks going through the Powerscore Bibles, and then the rest of the time maybe 3-4 hours per day every other day doing PTs. Last week or two before the test I was probably doing more so around 5 hours daily! Should've studied more but I was swamped with schoolwork.
  6. Hi everyone! Currently in my last year of undergrad at UofT and my OLSAS GPA is 3.8 (L2: 3.82). I've applied to UofT, Osgoode, UBC and UVic (wouldn't actually go to UVic though probably) this cycle. I took the November LSAT for the first time and got a 160 (as expected—I had been testing in the 160-162 range for two weeks prior). Not a good enough score for the schools I've chosen, I know. I will be taking the January LSAT and hope to improve my score to the 163-165 range over the holiday season. I only studied for about 2 months for the Nov one and my biggest weakness is that I can only ever complete 3/4 RCs so I think I can really improve on that and also step up my LR game (my LGs are good). My question is: should I cancel the Jan LSAT? My Score Preview option expires tomorrow I believe. Is there a chance that, since I've already applied, schools could look at my 160 score (if I don't cancel) and dismiss my application before my Jan score is in? I did indicate on my applications that I'll be taking the Jan 2021 LSAT as well so I'd hope that they wouldn't.
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