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  1. Hi, I had a couple professors after this fall semester willing and wanting to write LORs for myself in my pursuit of attending law school after undergrad (Presently 3rd Year). What is the process of this? If they write the LORs can I hold onto them personally and submit them once I apply to law school? I would appreciate some information or where I could find information. If it helps I plan on applying to Queens, Western, Ottawa, U of T, and Osgoode.
  2. The 3.79 is B3 using OSLAS. My cGPA is 3.4 using OSLAS, I had a terrible first year, will that impact my chances?
  3. No I cannot provide documentation of first year. I am applying to schools where L2 and B3 matter most, what would my chances their be?
  4. OLSAS converted 3.79 B3, L2 3.87, + 163LSAT. What are my realistic chances? I applied to Oz, Queens, Western, U of T.
  5. So in your opinion if I had an cGPA 3.1 L2 of 3.85 and LSAT 160+ what is my opportunity at Ontario law schools?
  6. Do you think a B3 of 3.79 is competitive for most Ontario law schools combined with an LASAT 160+. I did horrible in my first year due to family reasons but have done much better my last 3?
  7. My transcript has sent me my calculated averages for my B3. My averages for each year are 80.5, 88, and 89. However, while using the law gpa calculator linked in the forum it says my GPA is 3.41. But using OLSAS GPA spreadsheet, my GPA for my B3 would be roughly 3.7, 3.77, and 3.9. Would love some guidance!
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