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  1. Thanks so much for those recommendations!! I'll definitely look into Wesbrook properties and start looking at off-campus places more actively. I can still apply to some on-campus residences as a back up. And omg yayayy, I am so so excited to move there, I can't stop looking at the pictures of the beaches and trails!!
  2. Yeppp, I'm really hoping classes will be in person but in the case that it's not, then off-campus does sound like the better option.
  3. Hi! So I got really excited about coming to UBC in the fall and went down a rabbit hole of housing stuff last night and I have so many questions but to begin with: 1. Do first year law students generally live on campus or off campus and would anyone recommend one over the other? 2. With on-campus places, Green College looks nice and is sooo close to the law buildings and I was wondering if any law students had lived there before/would recommend it? 3. On-campus housing is also INSANELY expensive and since I'd be moving from Ontario, I was wondering how soon I should start looking/is there any recommended way of finding roommates (having roommates from our class would be awesome!) (if anyone else is moving from Ontario and doesn't have anyone they know moving with them, feel free to private message me, I'd love to figure this out together!!)
  4. Just got the email, aaaahh!! GPA: 86.93 LSAT: 163 Congrats to everyone!!!
  5. Okay, you guys are so nice omg 😭❤️ I did calculate it through lawapplicants .ca (I didn't get a chance to look at the breakdown of the grades but I will, thanks for the tip!) I'm not counting myself out but I think I'm trying to be more realistic so I can figure out back-up plans :') But thank you for saying that!! Thanks for saying that!! It's hard not to feel like the numbers are all that matter when you're on this forum and read through everything that's been written :') But yes, thank you for bringing it up, I'll try to keep that in mind over the next few months
  6. I've kind of had a ridiculous semester so I swear it wasn't because I was being cocky or naive but I only applied to Dal and UBC
  7. Thanks for being kind @LetMeIn2020 I really appreciate it!!
  8. Thanks for confirming : ) I'm not sure what went wrong but if my B3 is my cumulative GPA I could have sworn it came down to something higher than what it has turned out to be given that I took less than the full course load in first year but took 6 courses per term with an average GPA of 3.89 and 3.95 each in the last two years. It's okay, I guess UofT was a really long shot :') Thanks for responding; I really appreciate it!!
  9. Just to confirm, how is B3 calculated if you're applying while in your fourth year. Is it the same as your cumulative GPA or does it take only a certain number of credits into account (like does it eliminate a few if you've taken more than the 5 full courses per term)?
  10. I'm so sorry to do this because I feel like I know what the answer is going to be but OLSAS just released GPA's and I fully thought mine was going to be around 3.90 (based on what my academic advisor said and what several online calculators said) but it's actually 3.74, oof, and now I'm in full panic mode. My LSAT was below the median as well at 163. I'm guessing I don't have a good shot anymore?
  11. That does very low key ease the worry :') thank you, I'll just keep my fingers and toes crossed for all of us until this gross waiting period is over!
  12. Also, this might not be the thread for this but I'm fairly new to this forum and it seems like a decent enough place to ask: everyone seems to be talking about 92 as being the auto-admit and that everyone above that can expect an offer next week (like i've seen people being congratulated in advance). My nervous wreck of brain wonders though, isn't that dependent on the number of people who get an index above 92? Like if people just generally tended to do better because classes are online and like 500 of the people who applied had a score above 92, then we wouldn't still be auto-admits, would we? Like there's a good chance that the bar to be an auto-admit has gone up right?
  13. I was told they were aiming for December 7th as a soft deadline for sending emails as long as nothing big happened to delay them (they did say that things could be delayed this year)
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