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  1. Eek yeah, I think our time is coming to hear back either way... Im scared to check tomorrow!
  2. Hey guys, has anyone been waitlisted yet? My anxiety is growing quickly by the day lol. What do you think it means that they have started the wait list? do you think they’re done with acceptances?
  3. what are your stats? and how did you find out?
  4. Oh thats interesting, thanks for mentioning, that provides some hope!
  5. Hey guys! Im 3.67, 168, went into queue December 8th - honest, what do you think our chances are?
  6. thank you! and does anyone know if we pay the deposit then or June 1 if we are only provisionally accepting
  7. Hi all, Do we have to provisionally accept UWO on student centre or just OLSAS?
  8. Thank you! Definitely needed to hear that. Appreciate that.
  9. Thank you both! Yeah I went to Western for my undergrad and didn't love London, so thats why I was considering the year off, but its definitely hard to decide. I will definitely wait it out for the week until I have to decide if I want to provisionally accept, and then continue to wait for Osgoode.
  10. Hi everyone! Could anyone give some insight on Osgoode vs. Western. I got into Western this round but am a Toronto native and love the city, so is it worth it to wait for Osgoode in terms of future jobs, social life (I dont love the whole party/bar scene but do want to feel a sense of community). PS. i am interested in environmental law. Tuition would be about the same when considering rent included for Western so thats not a factor for me.
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