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  1. Wow amazing! Congrats! Did you fill out part b?
  2. Thanks so much! Do we just add them to the same spot under transcripts in OLSAS?
  3. Hi everyone! Does anyone know whether Osgoode requires us to submit fall grades/ when? Thanks in advance! ps. im in fourth year
  4. Did anyone not get an email? I’ve gotten in but no email yet
  5. Accepted!! via student center CGPA: 3.63 LSAT: 168 Good luck everyone!!!
  6. Do schools take into account if your GPA is slightly below median because you are in STEM?
  7. In queue as well as of December 8th! Wondering if so many people were put in queue yesterday because a wave is coming soon... crossing fingers
  8. oof, do law schools need to wait for the OLSAS GPA to send out admissions?
  9. Okay so I just used the predictor website and apparently OLSAS converted it is a 3.63 with L2 being a 3.66 - chances now? I thought to convert you could use the conversion table but apparently this is not the case. I do have an overall average of 84.3% (not sure if this helps)
  10. Me too, and my stats are 3.7 CGPA, L2: 3.9 and 168 LSAT
  11. Does anyone know when they update the site everyday?
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