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  1. Yup, just for writing the LSAT/receiving your LSAT score. In the US they use it for transcripts, letters of reference etc but in Canada everything is through the school itself (or through OLSAS for Ontario schools).
  2. I apologize if this is a stupid question, but does whether or not you’ve accepted your offer have any bearing on entrance awards?
  3. I would definitely send them an email asking for clarification! I know Toronto specifically asks applicants not to send any updates to their applications after the deadline out of fairness etc, but I’m not sure if UAlberta is the same, or if updating something that happened in the past is treated the same.
  4. Here is some info! (not sure why the March 31 deadline is listed after April so scroll down a bit) https://www.ualberta.ca/admissions/undergraduate/admission/dates-and-deadlines.html?
  5. You should be fine! I have similar stats and have gotten into both. Keep in mind that UCalgary has a holistic admissions process, so extracurricular activities etc are important whereas UAlberta is more numbers-based. Best of luck, let me know if you have any questions!
  6. There will definitely be later dates, it's just currently unknown if they will be flex or not (I'm betting they will be). There will probably be dates every month or two throughout the summer and fall as there was this year. The best date is the date that works best for you and your study schedule. That being said, you want to aim to write your first LSAT no later than November, because the next exam (January) is the last LSAT that schools accept and it can add quite a bit of stress to your application cycle. My personal advice would be to aim to write your first LSAT sometime between April-August if possible, leaving you with plenty of time to retake in the fall if necessary (or even a third time). Best of luck!
  7. Just to second this, once I was accepted an ambassador emailed me to ask if I had any questions and was very helpful!!
  8. Just in case anyone who has been accepted missed that email, they made an administrative error and the tuition deposit is due MARCH 31 not MAY 1. No idea what this means for scholarships etc. Have a great weekend everyone!
  9. I'm sorry people are being so salty OP, I guess everyone is going through a lot this cycle. My LSAT is 164, B3(& L2) 3.9/4, I thought I rocked my personal statement and the optional essay. I also haven't heard anything from Queen's, UBC, and UVic. My file has been marked 'complete, waiting for review' since Nov 4 at UBC and 'under review' at UVic for 2+ months, so who knows. My top schools were UCalgary and UAlberta and I've been admitted to both, so I'm very fortunate to not have to have the daily awful waiting panic-feeling anymore. I kind of just want to get my money's worth at the other schools and know that they actually read my file 😂. I wish you and the others here the best, this specific kind of stress is difficult for friends/family to relate to, so I'll be keeping you all in my thoughts!
  10. Just got the email! Very grateful, but won’t be accepting. cGPA: 3.7, L2: 3.9, LSAT: 164. Good luck to everyone!
  11. Hi! I’ve been admitted to UCalgary and UAlberta. My cGPA is 3.7 and my L2 is 3.9. My LSATs are 159 and 164 (UAlberta averages your scores). I’ll link UAlberta’s admitted applicant profile from 2020 below. I don’t want to say anything necessarily weighs out another (because I’m not sure how they weigh things!), but you can see from the chart that last year UAlberta admitted people with your stats! Calgary also uses a more holistic process, so their average stats are a bit lower than UAlberta’s. Unfortunately I can’t speak to the other schools you mentioned. Hang in there and best of luck! https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-u9luOkViBOYVM2bWFMcmJNcUpOZVBZY0lsTVpyOGRIaGFR/view
  12. They posted an update on their blog indicating that they have a few more files to review on Monday, and may accept a few more based on those!
  13. Right?? Last time I got accepted to UAlberta there was a confetti explosion on the screen! I hope this ins't some awful mistake haha
  14. Offer received via launchpad? There's a form to accept my offer but nothing that says "YOU'RE IN!". So weird! cGPA: 3.7, L2: 3.9, LSAT: 164. UAlberta BSc Hon., graduated this past summer. Science/research ECs, pretty good personal statement. Good luck!
  15. Totally relate! 3.9/164 and I’ve heard back from 1/8 schools (Calgary). Luckily it was my top choice so I can relax, but watching people with less competitive stats who applied after me get in was maddening. My file at UBC has been marked “complete, waiting for review” since November 4, 2020, which is honestly somewhat reassuring because it means that they just haven’t gotten to it yet. I forced myself to get off this website at the beginning of holiday break and didn’t return until I got my first acceptance. I’d gotten it into my head that I must have made some massive error in my personal statement or something! I wish you the best of luck and good vibes!
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