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  1. Thank you everybody!! I didn’t expect this many people to offer so many insightful advices so I’m really grateful. It’s great to know that there are so many supportive people out there:) I read every one of your comments and now I have a better idea of what I should/should not do this summer, so thank you very much!
  2. Thank you for the advice!! That’s is definitely not something that I would’ve come up on my own (I’m not the most extroverted person lol), so it’s greatly appreciated:) I hope COVID is a little better by then:(
  3. Thanks you for the advice!!:) it’s good to know that it not bad to take it easy this summer—I have a tendency to feel like there’s always something to do lol (also being a Phil major I like your handle name a lot lol)
  4. Hi! I’m here to seek some practical advice from people who’s been through the process :) So I’ve fortunately been accepted to the school I wanted to go to, and it looks like I can start the first year of law school come September. But now that I have a school to go to, I am wondering what I should do in the upcoming summer to put myself in a position to succeed in the coming years. Should I do internships if I can? Should I learn Microsoft Office softwares? Or should I do something else? I’m hoping to hear your advice:) (I don’t know what area of law I want to practice yet—I am lowkey having a full-on identity crisis because of this. But that’s a whole other topic on its own lol)
  5. I’ve been accepted! I did not expect to receive this news today and I am extremely happy! Notified via email. stats for reference: GPA: 81 LSAT:172 good luck to the rest of you out there!
  6. I’ve applied, but I’ve just been so anxious and I keep lurking on this forum for no good reason every night. When does the first round of offers come out? Has anybody heard back from them yet? I see from the previous years that people have gotten accepted in November, and the school website also states that offers could go out “as early as November.” I haven’t seen any posts that indicate that this has been a case this year... is the process delayed due to COVID by any chance? I have an index of something around 92.58 (81.5%/172)—when can I expect to hear back from them?
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