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  1. I had the same concern, got my first dose recently and second dose is expected to be in September, by that time will have moved all the way across the country to go to school. I'm planning to just call in and see if I can get it before I leave the province, if not, contact a clinic near where I'll be to schedule one.
  2. You definitely have a chance at L2 schools and your LSAT diagnostic is really good. If you're open to moving and applying broadly to all the L2/B2 schools across Canada then it's possible. A 3.35 L2 with your fifth year grades is low but not a deal breaker if paired with a great LSAT, some schools calculate GPA differently, on a 3.44 scale, etc. you should calculate your GPA at each of the L2 schools you would be applying to. If you're planning on taking an unnecessary 5th year to improve your grades, would doing an extra 6th year be able to get you a second degree? Maybe one you're interested in with better job prospects as a backup plan? That could be a path you take. As for your LSAT, its hard to say, the common wisdom is ~10+ point improvement is doable with 3-4 month of studying, this is probably easier with a lower diagnostic, but I would expect you can probably reach high 160/low 170 if you properly study.
  3. Meh I went to public school, thought the experience was fine & almost everyone I know went to public school in Ontario. Maybe I don’t know enough rich people, but it didn’t seem like they got anywhere better in life just because they paid $40k a year to learn basic math. There might even be a stigma against those who went to private school.
  4. Since you paid for the score preview, you might as well cancel since your score is quite a bit below what's competitive for Canadian law schools. Usually the wisdom is to not cancel since it gives the negative impression you scored low on the first time, but since you did, it probably doesn't have much downside.
  5. I'll echo everyone else's point about choosing a program you're passionate about or interests you. You're about to commit to 3-4 years of this program so you'll do much better if you're engaged and actively participating in your coursework/extracurriculars. The prestige really doesn't matter at the undergrad level for most programs. Feel free to reach out if you're interested in choosing to pursue a BA in Economics and have questions.
  6. I wish my lowest grades were in the 50s. Don't stress over it, myself and many others had much much worst grades!
  7. As an aside, I would say if the only point of Ryerson Law was the technology focus (which it isn't), then Waterloo Law would have been the more sensible choice given the schools global reputation in comp sci/eng.
  8. Definitely understand how you feel this system is unfair, but unfortunately without standardization of grades across Canadian universities, this will bound to happen. It could benefit you, it could also be unfair. I did my undergrad at a % university and converting my grades to 4.0/4.33 GPA (especially the OLSAS conversion) seriously disadvantages me, working hard for a couple more percentages on my transcript did nothing since it was all bucketed to one value. This is unfortunately a general issue we all have to deal with. Probably doesn't make you feel better, but maybe it helps just knowing a lot of applicants are impacted by this. I don't see you succeeding in escalating this.
  9. wow that's really surprising, if you applied broadly I'm sure you'll get in somewhere with that incredible LSAT
  10. seems like Osgoode made a mistake
  11. About 2h in the morning and then 2-3h after work, tried to do 4-5h a day. I worked full time at home during this process. After finishing the curriculum (about 1 month), I did an average of 3 practice tests a week.
  12. I would recommend 7Sage, I used it exclusively as the only studying tool & went through most of the curriculum. You should take a diagnostic LSAT without studying and see how you score. For reference, my diagnostic was 155, studying a bit over 4 months and averaged around 170ish in the last month, ended up getting 168 on my first write, slightly below my average
  13. I just sent an email to them stating that I would like to accept my offer to UVIC's JD program and mentioned that I had bank transferred the deposit to them already. They will respond in a few days letting you know they've received your acceptance. No need to write a full blown letter!
  14. My own personal experience (having horrible grades in 1st year but recovering to strong grades after that), I got accepted to all the schools I applied to that were L2. I touched on my poor start to Uni lightly in the PS, but kept it minimal and took responsibility for it (didn't have any excuses anyways).
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