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  1. Thanks! Deadline to accept is April 29
  2. Received the email April 15, general applicant cGPA: 3.71 B2 / L2: 3.79 / 3.84 LSAT: 160 (Oct. 2019) Second choice! Still hoping for Osgoode but that's probably not happening this year so I'm perfectly happy with this.
  3. Disclaimer: I'm a 0L so my answers won't be perfect, hopefully it will still help. Up to you, from what I've read most law schools don't really care as long as you don't have an entire semester of P/F or CR/NCR, so if you want to pump up your numbers it's probably not a bad idea. Though I will say that a 0.03 difference in an already good L2/B2 is pretty marginal. According to the admission predictor (https://lawapplicants.ca/predictor), admitted applicants to uOttawa had a cGPA of 3.67, which is slightly higher than yours currently. But your odds are still fairly decent, with another good year you can pull it up to the point where you'll practically be at the median (and being slightly below median is far from a death sentence, people have been accepted with significantly lower cGPAs). Definitely enough. I personally spent about 3 weeks on and off between classes and did okay (wouldn't recommend that though). With your current cGPA and L2/B2, getting 160+ will give you good odds for most schools. Most people probably have fairly bland LORs, so at worst your situation is just average. Unless your profs are actively insulting you in their letters, this will pretty much be negligible. Probably not. ECs and LOR generally don't seem to matter that much (relatively) unless you need it as a crutch for a weak GPA or LSAT. Hope that helps, going through the application process can be pretty stressful. Focus on the LSAT and you should be good.
  4. Received an email on the 9th cGPA: 3.71 B2/L2: 3.79 / 3.84 LSAT: 160 (Oct. 2019) General applicant and extremely relieved!
  5. I've fortunately been accepted into a month-long summer research program to tie up my time a bit. As for plans in a potential gap year, I'm not too sure but I would probably either try to find some kind of work, try to continue with some sort of research position (if the summer thing goes well), or maybe get official certificates for some languages I've been learning informally (probably the least useful of the three but also the most accessible). I wasn't really sure how to treat the prospect of a gap year, but I'm probably more worried about it than I should be. Thanks!
  6. That's a fair point, I've just been more stressed lately so the process has been weighing on me more. There's still time and even in the worst case scenario, I can try to make the best of it instead of moping and try again later.
  7. Admittedly I used to be a hard "tiers" person, but I know that's a pretty reductive criteria so I don't put nearly as much stock into that anymore. I guess I'm just worried that going to Ryerson will put me at a competitive disadvantage compared to other Ontario schools. I know that it's still too early to tell for sure, but since Ryerson's tuition is roughly the same as those other schools, I'm worried that spending the same amount of money for a less stable outcome for only the benefit of one earlier year would be a bad call. But I guess that also answers my question in a way, so maybe waiting would be better on my conscience.
  8. I can't say for sure that my PS is outstanding, but I'm reasonably confident it's at least good enough to not be an impediment. And just as a general thing, I was recently accepted into a month-long summer research program which helps shore up my ECs a bit, and my B2 and cGPA will (from what I calculated so far) increase by a bit after this year.
  9. I was fortunate enough to get accepted into Ryerson in February, but since then it's either been radio silence from the other schools I applied to (Osgoode, Queen's, Western, and Ottawa) or a rejection (UofT). This wasn't much of a problem a couple of months ago, but as time goes on it's gotten harder to sit still and be confident. For reference, my current stats are (as from OLSAS and as a general applicant): cGPA: 3.71 L2/B2: 3.84 / 3.79 (not too sure how L2 calculation works since I took one summer course in 2nd year, so it might be a bit lower) LSAT: 160 (Oct. 2019, only attempt) I was lukewarm on Ryerson to start since I hoped to hear back from another school by April, but that seems pretty unlikely now. After browsing through the forum, it seems like the impression around Ryerson can best be described as "uncertain" at best, and its high tuition costs are also worrying. Of course, my admission chances aren't exactly low from the admissions predictor, but I have also seen posts of people with similar stats getting waitlisted or outright rejected from all four other schools for various reasons, so it's not exactly impossible for Ryerson to be my only choice come June. I also have pretty weak ECs in comparison to other applicants I have seen, and while that's not a big part of the application (to my understanding), it's still something to consider. With that said, should I still accept Ryerson this year even despite those risks and costs instead of waiting another year to reapply? My original LSAT attempt was supposed to be more of a test run and I studied for a few weeks on and off between classes, but family circumstances ended up delaying my planned retakes. I can't guarantee that I will score higher, but without other distractions and with more time over the summer, I can certainly put in a more focused effort, and even a 1 or 2 point increase could be huge for my chances. There are also risks with delaying my attendance of course, but I'm not sure what should weigh more in my decision. I could also be freaking out over nothing supposing there's an April admissions wave, but with my final year of exams and assignments on the horizon, I guess the stress of this cycle is just getting to me.
  10. Rejected on the 19th, not really surprised. cGPA: 3.71 LSAT: 160
  11. Accepted Feb. 1 via RAMSS (just saw it today) cGPA: 3.71 LSAT: 160
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