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  1. Been eating popcorn for the past 36 hours just binging this thread, so much so that you could call me @mistertubby
  2. Point #2 is a bit of a Straw Man Argument. They're not claiming that they'll solve the Articling crisis, or even insinuating it, they simply state that: We believe our approach prepares our graduates for the practice of law (or some other law-related opportunities) as well as the completion of articling or the Law Practice Program. Point #3 is just a marketing tactic, it is a business after all and you can't fault them for finding ways to differentiate themselves. They also haven't claimed that they're more practice-ready than other schools, only that It’s imperative that legal education acknowledge the diverse paths that graduates take to practice. Ryerson also gives students the option to article if they so choose. Point#4 I don't necessarily agree with starting tuition at 20k either, but that's mostly to do with every other school in the province being around the 18k+ mark. If your beef is with the tuition being too high its not limited to just one school in the province. I personally chose not to apply to Ryerson this year but it has nothing to really do with the critiques you mentioned. It's also way too early to slam the school without them even putting out a graduating class. Who knows how great their cohort could be https://www.ryerson.ca/law/program/integrated-practice-curriculum-ipc/
  3. Just gonna grab some popcorn before this thread pops off 👀
  4. Why are you so eager for people to post their rejections/waitlists? You need to find a healthier way to deal with your Anxiety
  5. @HopefulLawyer97 Buddy it sounds like you’re still salty about getting passed over at Osgoode last year lmao. Let it go my man
  6. Applications aren’t assessed in a vacuum, it comes down to how competitive you are relative to everyone else. I think Os had 3300 ish applications this year, and I’d bet at least 1/3 of them have competitive stats. It’s only a numbers game to a certain degree. Just look at the rejected threads for U of T and McGill, having amazing stats isn’t necessarily going to get you in.
  7. Is there any point to briefing every case beyond being prepared for cold calls? I’ve heard a lot of conflicting advice about this
  8. Is working as a legal assistant really the main driver behind your motivation for going to law school? If you're genuinely captivated by everything you're doing then maybe this path you want to go down is right for you, but I'd give some serious thought to it. I've also never worked as a legal assistant, so I'm not going to pretend that I know the kind of work you're doing, but I know law school is going to be vastly different from the practice of law itself. Do you really want to endure 3 years of stress, countless hours of tedious work, and a lot of debt along with potentially having to go back and taking more undegrad courses? If your answer to the above is yes, then your best bet would be to go back to school, have a strong L20, like what @Tamago referred to, and score a 160+ on the LSAT and you could potentially find your way into a school that favours L20/B2, or is generous with drops in your GPA calculation. Depending on your age, or the amount of time you've been out of undergrad, you could apply under the mature category, but that's an entirely different ballgame on it's own, and the people who apply within this category still tend to be competitive in their own way, whether it be a high LSAT or exceptional work experience. It's by no means an easy way to get into law school. Hope you figure everything out though, all the best.
  9. It’s an excellent way to live, highly recommend
  10. Is this discussion really popping up again? You guys seriously gotta let it go, you’re just letting your anxiety get the better of you. I still don’t think this cycle is more competitive to the point where it’s a complete outlier, and judging by a lot of the accepted threads, people are getting accepted with the same stats as they were last year. Generally speaking, if you would’ve been a competitive applicant in years past, you’ll likely be fine this year too, it’s only really the people with low GPAs and low LSATs that will get weeded out
  11. @MountainMon I think what Veggie was trying to say was that regardless of what someone does, their work is meaningful to some degree, with skills that are potentially transferable to law school, even if it’s being a stay at home parent. It’s all about how you sell yourself in your personal statement.
  12. Been referred since December 15th 😬
  13. Windsor, unlike any other school, waitlists and rejects applications as they come. It’s pretty uncommon to be rejected early, so they waitlist anyone semi-competitive and draw people from that list once they’ve gone through everyone else to fill the class. That’s why a lot of people get offers from the waitlist. I’ve been waiting months to get an update, hope you all hear back soon too
  14. Who mentioned Ryerson? I know someone at Osgoode with a lower GPA than your buddy and a low 160. 🤡
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