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  1. Update for everyone, went from "app. under review" to "decision pending" today...hopefully it's good!
  2. I can't comment on transcript requests as I attend university outside of Ontario so my transcript was mailed in. However, OLSAS stated that as long as the physical mail was received by Feb. 1st, it would not matter when it was processed as they timestamp them. I'm sure it works the same for you, but it just depends how long it takes for the transcript to be received from the request. If your prof has the grade up by Monday, I'm sure OLSAS would receive the transcript by the Friday, but who knows.
  3. As long as OLSAS receives the transcript by February 1st, it is irrelevant when it is processed as they will record the time/date upon receipt of it. Hope that helps!
  4. Definitely but it also depends on when references and transcripts arrived which may also have been delayed by Canada Post (depends how your uni and referees submitted their reference). They have your application and your fee so I'm sure they have your file, but just working through the mountain of work. Plus, due to COVID-19, they likely do not have easy access to their offices/mail this year and working remotely slows everything down. Patience is key, don't read into others' application dates.
  5. I would give it some more time and just have some patience. You have to consider the hundreds of documents they have to process, sort through, organize, review, and then while doing so, admit new students and begin reviewing additional documents for scholarships. Definitely not fun waiting but I feel for the admission committee and their staff, it is a big task! Not necessarily, you can receive an e-mail saying your application is being reviewed but may wait weeks/months for a decision. Although it may be quick, I wouldn't bet on it. I would view that e-mail more as your file is complete and ready for review rather than it being reviewed with a decision imminently.
  6. Also in queue as of Jan. 14th cGPA: 3.31 L2: 3.66 LSAT: 162 Completed Part B.
  7. After going through some old posts, I could not find a definitive answer or anything substantial so I was wondering what the range (or minimum) of GPA/LSAT is for the additional scholarships that require an application? Just wondering if it is worth submitting an application or if I'm just adding unnecessary paper for the admissions office haha
  8. Just got accepted even before Fall 2020 transcript arrived, super excited! L2: ~ 3.72 LSAT: 162 Non-maritime resident. Cheers to those who are still waiting, your day will come!
  9. I sent my updated transcript with FALL 2020 grades early last week and UVic quickly replied back on Thursday saying it had been received. However, it still hasn't shown up under my application portal, is this normal?
  10. cGPA 3.31, L2 3.66, 162 LSAT Applied to Dal, Ottawa, Queen’s, York, Western. cGPA low due to bad first year, explained in PS.
  11. Anyone have a status change today? I’m very invested into this illogical and random status change now hahaha 😝
  12. I'd say a decent chance. You're just below reported index scores to be competitive. Your LSAT is below standards but your L2 is above so it might counteract. You're just likely hear about an acceptance later on in the admission cycle
  13. What's your index score? I've seen threads saying competitive is 0.80 for Maritime and 0.81 for non-resident.
  14. Right now, the Dal Portal says my LSAT score as of Nov.14th but I received my updated score on Nov. 24th for the November LSAT. Will the Dal Portal update with my new score?
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