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  1. Thanks to everyone for their advice! (So far) As to the whole other discussion my post got tangled up with, I feel like I stumbled into a seperate debate by accident. I want to say I didn't mean to offend anyone with the "best and brightest" comment. The quotes are there for a reason, meant to show that it was intended sarcastically. I know both schools are amazing and are full of people accomplished both in academia and other areas in life. I fully expect to be blown out of the water by my peers in either school I go to. It was just my impression from this forum and other sources that UofT is slightly more competitive to get into and has a slightly more distinguished faculty. Thought it was a factor worth considering in my choice, that is all.
  2. I know, I know, these 2 schools have been compared many times. That being said everyone's situation is different and I'd appreciate any advice! I'm having such a hard time deciding mainly because I'm not sure exactly what I want to do. I come from a science background and would definitely be interested in the fields of environmental and health law (very broad I know). Also I could see IP being interesting if it was related to biotech or pharma. I'm also trying to keep an open mind and am really looking forward to trying some business law classes to see if I like them! As for costs of the school I would prefer to minimize my debt coming out of law school (obviously). I'd say I'm in an average position financially where I can afford both schools but would definitely be in debt after UofT and could maybe squeak by without any if I go to UBC. So I know those 2^ considerations are wishy washy and either school could serve me well regarding them. These next 2 are ones I'm 100% decided on but am trying to decide what implications they have on my choice. For location Vancouver is definitely the place I'd rather live. Been in Ontario my while life and could live / be happy if I went to Toronto but the natural beauty around Vancouver is unbeatable IMO. I really like the idea of going to UofT and surrounding myself with the "best and brightest". I know it's a generalization and that smart people go to both schools but UofT definitely is the more competitive school to get into. I feel like putting myself in an environment that asks the most of me is how I am able to learn the most. I also really like how distinguished the faculty at UofT is and would love to learn from some of the best lawyers in the country. If you made it this far, thanks for reading and would appreciate any advice!
  3. Accepted!! Stats: cGPA 3.83, B3 3.91, LSAT 168
  4. Accepted! Stats: cGPA = 3.77, L2 = 3.94, LSAT = 168
  5. Accepted. Stats: L2 = 4.13/4.3, LSAT = 168
  6. Excited to be able to finally post on one of these threads! Just got accepted by email with a confirmed scholarship! Stats: GPA with drops 4.09/4.13, LSAT 168 Good luck everyone
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