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  1. Just curious, has anyone been waitlisted yet for UCalgary? Looking at last year's waitlist, people were hearing back by January/February.
  2. Accepted via email today! LSAT: 159 L2: 4.05 (4.3 scale) Went to Dal for undergrad. First acceptance! Hoping to hear back from some other places soon.
  3. Wondering what my chances are with the stats posted above. Bachelor of Science in Nursing grad, been working as a labour and delivery nurse since 2018. I had one bad semester in second year but did well in my last two years. Was super involved with the nursing society at my university and the school of nursing, so good ECs. I feel like my application has said they’ve had sufficient documentation for a month and a half now! UCalgary is my number one choice so I’m getting anxious 😖
  4. I’ve been out of university for 2 years and working as a registered nurse since. Applying for the 2021 cycle! mod edit: OP is interested in Dalhousie, Ottawa, Toronto, Osgoode, Alberta, Calgary, UBC, and Victoria. -WJ
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