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  1. The website indicates that they rank profiles based on "similar stats", looking at the acceptance profile, it looks like they accepted similar high LSATs and if you see GPA its over the place. I feel there's a correlation with LSAT being more important for them rather L2 GPA
  2. Aren't there like more applicants in the 150s than the 160s, so there's probably more of those like us who haven't heard anything. Im just happy they haven't accepted the waitlist yet, I feel like its over for us waiting if people on the waitlist get accepted. No offense to them of course, hope everyone gets in
  3. Those of you waiting, when did you submit your apps? I submitted mine on the date it was due on Dec 1st. I'm wondering if at this point they're just going through the queue or if people with similar stats are bunched together.
  4. Congrats at least for hearing back though, yay!
  5. Right off the bat, this is a serious inquiry and something I have been genuinely concerned about lately. This means a lot to me because I have lived in Canada all my life and identify myself as a die-hard hockey-crazed Canadian citizen. However, people tend to nitpick how I was not born here (came to Canada when I was less than one years old), appear non-white, and because I have a "foreign name" people would assume that I am an international student with poor English. Yes, I have had some tough years being bullied because of my name to the point I felt ashamed having it because teachers asked if I could change it to deter the bullying. Or having heard the infamous phrase off the street, “go back to your own country.” Of course, I by no means have experienced the worst and am proud to have tackled a lot of these barriers growing up, but I do feel is a responsibility to highlight that this is real problem that does happen in Canada. I can see how someone can assume common trends they experience which results to manifest into dangerous over-generalizations and stereotypes, but thankfully we are becoming more self-aware of these situations and striving towards promoting awareness and education. I really would like to start a productive conversation on how you may feel your university lacks or promotes diversity. Whether it is making racism/gender/sexism/etc workshops mandatory, having different applicant streams, or pretending nothing is wrong, I’m really curious. Is it enough? What do you envision being more appropriate during this day and age? If this wasn’t an experience you connect with, can you still think of things that could be done? Please keep in mind that we are all human, we are not perfect. Even universities make mistakes (lol), but I definitely think it is important to have dialogue acknowledging on how you feel whether your university is making an effort during this time. I don't think it hurts looking at ways we can improve and strive to be better :). Sending good vibes.
  6. I can't believe you can get rejected from the waitlist already wut. I haven't even heard a single thing from them.
  7. Ahh makes sense, I’m starting to connect that they had told my friend that May is when they send out acceptances for the holistic as they are in the process right now. It would be more likely to assume then they read all the personal statements that haven’t been accepted and make a decision on whether to reject or wait list. However, they did say they would try to notify acceptances sooner.
  8. This should be the week, but have not heard anything yet! However, in one rejection thread there was a time that the U of A didn't send rejections until May.
  9. Thanks again folks for posting. Some of these ECs are just amazing and I'm just like wow what is happening?!
  10. Same, eek. Historically, this week is the week they send out regrets and waitlists. I'm curious for those being evaluated in the holistic process that they get nothing or would they be waitlisted hmm? Past waitlist threads indicated that they were considered for the holistic thread. So I'm gunning for hearing nothing or the waitlist this week. :))))) Also, I chose to buy a cheesecake if I get rejected. Got to celebrate my teenage-like angst anxiety being over.
  11. Can confirm that they are in the holistic process evaluation right now and will be notifying applicants in May or so! Friend emailed the admissions committee a few days ago Now, I wonder if they read all the applicants personal statements that have not got accepted or if they have a cut off hmmmm. Reason why I suspect is because there hasn't been acceptance where the GPA and LSAT is jarring lower than others (at least posted on the acceptance threads). I actually am starting to think it influences ones standing with the GPA and LSAT still being important.
  12. You betcha, you can see that U of A goes by the book on their GPA and LSAT calculations. Considering how LSAT flex has been around longer for applicants applying in Fall 2022, probably likely that you'd see higher LSAT scores even if the number of applicants reduce.
  13. I remember someone mentioning on this forum that they phoned and was told that the holistic admissions start in April. Whoever it was thank you for posting it. Does the committee usually read like all the remaining applicants personal statements that weren’t accepted, then they go on to picking who to waitlist and reject. Then from the waitlist they place them on holistic review and choose from there? Or do they not read the statements and then take like 200 people who’s stats should be waitlisted, rejecting the rest. And they go onto to put them under review? Reason why I’m wondering is it seems like I haven’t seen a post that looks like “oh hey, yeah that person definitely got holistically reviewed.” Looks like they’re pretty near to be waitlisted honestly.
  14. Aww, I hope I was able to help others blow off some stressful steam by persistently staying active on this forum. I’ve been surrounded by people from sciences all my life, talking with others stressed about their apps is nice, you know we’re doing it together! Dang, thanks for posting too. Looks like Calgary seems to value the LSAT a lot more than grades rip. Gosh that’s definitely a weird feeling, wondering if it’s an admission or denial opening that PDF, I remember the U of A just sends you a two line email that you’re acceptance is no bueno. Anyways, sending good vibes!
  15. Thanks for posting this! It's always really interesting to find out about those who have been rejected. It was a long wait too. It can still be a crappy feeling, definitely don't forget to give yourself sometime to mope even if you expected it. Good luck on your studies, hope you smash the LSAT this time. Also, thanks for the tidbit about the X decision. My mind has been going wild on whether I've been rejected and they just forgot to send me an email.
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