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  1. Is the offer conditional on anything and if so what? It does not say anything on the acceptance letter?
  2. Feel free to message me! I'd love to get to know you guys!
  3. Thank you so much and is there a specific building law students reside in or not really? Mostly because I would prefer to be with grad students and not undergrads if possible
  4. Thank you so much for that! What do you think about East Village Residence? Is that one better than North Tower?
  5. Hey guys! Just got in this morning sigh feeling super overwhelmed and excited! I've never moved onto campus before so I had a bunch of questions. If I was to apply to TRU residence now would I get a spot? Which residence to most Law Students usually pick because at UBC certain residences are for certain faculties. Is anyone here applying for residence at TRU maybe we can be roommates! Also what should I bring to campus? (Apparel wise, and appliances etc.) What will I be needing most or wish that I brought in the first place! Lastly, haven't really started looking into loans yet but does anyone have suggestions / any experiences? Thanks!
  6. I cant stop feeling overwhelmed but yay we made it! Feel so honoured and can't wait! Accepted this morning! GPA: A (84.5% or so?) LSAT: 155, 158 Decision went into pending last Thursday. Applied January 15th
  7. That's good to hear thanks! And oh god, that's super late I wonder why? When did you submit the rest of your application? Not sure when they requested it but they received it on Feb. 4th I think
  8. They must have just done this today cause mine didn't show that yesterday! It shows an LSAT score in brackets and the letter grade assigned next to transcript but still in complete ready for review. Fingers crossed this means that we'll soon be decision pending
  9. LOL no that's not what I was saying I just take everything with a grain of salt and try to see if the info was biased but thanks for your feedback!
  10. I currently go to UBC and I was in a lecture yesterday where the Prof and guest speaker said that the best place to be a lawyer is in Ontario (specifically near Toronto), I was just wondering why some Ontario people choose to move to Allard then? They also said you should study in the city you want to practice if possible and I know a lot of candidates from Allard go back to Ontario, but why not go to a law school in Ontario in the first place? The reason they said this is because apparently recruitment is easier as many schools are feeder schools for specific firms. For example Fasken Vancouver always looks towards Allard graduates for recruitment.
  11. I'm just a little scared to believe TRU stats / reports per say. Not that any law school would lie but I feel like they also wouldn't be like oh yea our grads have a hard time getting jobs and some firms don't hire them. But it's nice and reassuring to hear people's actual experiences. I was on the Fasken website last night and look through all the people that work in their vancouver firm as a lawyer. Of course 90% are from UBC but 5% are from TRU (I think I found like 3 candidates out of 70+ that were from TRU). Not the most reassuring but at least chances of getting hired are there. And perhaps many TRU graduates don't want to work in Vancouver after but most Allard graduates do?
  12. Can I ask how you know this if you don't mind?
  13. Yea I was referring mostly to big firms specifically corporate law jobs
  14. So I'm in a lecture right now and the prof and guest speaker basically said that many firms in Vancouver only hire graduates from Allard or it's harder for TRU students to get corporate jobs. Does anyone have more information about this? Is it relatively true?
  15. Thanks for sharing! I'm just really confused because my LSAT was received a day before yours, and my stats are slightly higher so I wonder how the process works because I'm not even in the decision pending stage yet Anyways congratulations on your acceptance! 😃
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