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  1. 4.x (likely around .0x to 4.1)/4.3 (converted -Cgpa and L2 are the same). Not too sure the exact number. Ontario, 157. Though I am a third year so I don’t know the impact of that. Applied end of November. It’s just a waiting game. Cheers
  2. yeah lol... my Dal GPA is actually a 4.0x – meaning I have somewhere between a .808 and .83 – I'm just as stressed... I'm feeling the heat.
  3. Hi. I wanted to know that even if one applied before the early deadline in Nov and still haven’t been accepted/rejected that they still have a chance to still get in despite being after Feb 28. Stats are 4.0x/4.3 (not sure the last decimal place) with a 157
  4. I don’t know about the first two. But for the third one, no. Your score is valid for 5 years.
  5. So my document portal got updated today. Everything is filled out. But medical documentation is not showing up. Also, I sent in 3 letters. But only two are showing and one of them has some weird name. Should I be worried
  6. You can use this to calculate your dal GPA. If you have percentages, it may benefit you as per their instructions on their link. https://www.dal.ca/faculty/gradstudies/faculty/coordinators/gpa-calculation.html
  7. I just sent Dal an updated transcript of my fall grades which pushed my index up, I am assuming that they would see it, add it to my file and make my application more competitive – am I correct in this assumption or should I contact admissions
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