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  1. So with a cGPA .2 points lower and a B2 .1 points lower and the same exact lsat my chances are below 50%? Do you have any rhyme or reason behind the random numbers you type out for a chance?
  2. How do you check if LSAC has sent your score to a school?
  3. I haven't but I'd heard many people are accepted before they even submit the PS for the first round of acceptances and I do feel quite good about those odds based on my index score
  4. Thank you! Hope to be seeing some of you guys come 2021
  5. Just completed the U of A online application, I'd already sent my transcripts in advance and I've already taken my LSAT so is there anything else I need to do? Some other people here were worried that the U of A didn't have their LSAT scores right away which concerns me as I know I'm cutting it close to the deadline. However, as far as I could see they just need my file number and score, not score confirmation, for my application to be considered complete right?
  6. Same to you, hope everyone can get into their school of choices. I had been thinking in my head the whole time "well this is the perfect year to apply applications must be lower this year" and then not only are they not lower, they've risen massively. But yes thats a good point, it could very well be there are far more applicants that have generally bad stats this year than in a usual year, and then there'd be no impact on chances.
  7. Also I want to make it clear I'm not saying there isn't an argument to be made I have a bad chance for this cycle, but the prompt was very clearly asking about the rise in applications and just typing my numbers into the predictor, which I've obviously already done like just about everyone else here, isn't helpful.
  8. Said predictor has outdated data and as such is somewhat useless but even it rates my chances as "very good" which I would have to imagine is greater than 50%. Further than this, I have literally never seen a 167 rejected or even waitlisted in the forums here. The only reason I am concerned is due to the spike in applications. which appears to have risen by about 500 from the previous year. As such, any discussion using outdated data isnt really helpful, and just blatantly incorrect if you're going to say my chances based on prior data is below 50%
  9. Well it will impact everyone's chances of admittance given the drastic spike in applications. Obviously I do have my reasons but I didn't feel that they were significant enough to apply in the access rather than the general category. At least I am not as down on my chances as you are, I don't know where you would be getting this probability from.
  10. I scored a 167 on the November LSAT, but I am worried I will still end up being rejected based on the massive increase to applications this cycle. I had been banking on the hypothesis covid would decrease the amount of applications, this trend is totally bizarre based on both common sense and LSAC data. I feel that I am otherwise a rather uncompetitive applicant, with only a 2.91 cGPA and a 3.57 L2 on a 4.0 scale. At the very least, I believe I wrote a solid personal statement. What do you guys think, how has covid affected the odds of admission?
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