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  1. The vast majority of people go to law school in a city they didn’t already live in. Edmonton also has a far lower cost of living than the majority of cities in Canada, so that’s still to its benefit. I really don’t see how increasing the cost to one that would still put it as one of the cheapest programs in the country would decrease applications.
  2. When has that ever happened? I don’t think a single tuition rise to any professional program has ever decreased the demand for any law or medical school. Even at 16k Alberta would still cheaper than almost every law school in Ontario, and in the ball park of Dal, TRU, and the U of S.
  3. Why would a lab increase the credit count for a class? Are you neglecting to consider the possibility you’ve been misinformed as to how credits are counted?
  4. Damn you got him he made a small grammatical error. Rack em Queen
  5. I changed my major three times and transferred schools and they obviously gave no shit whatsoever because I got in.
  6. I’m not trolling, I just have a different outlook than you do and it makes you upset.
  7. Nah, getting rejected from every school in a cycle seems pretty fucking shitty.
  8. My man wants every acceptance, applied to every school and paid every seat deposit in Canada to become MEGA GUNNER
  9. Haha I didn’t even post this thread man, I’m defending the guy who wanted to know. And yeah, people on the internet are usually insulting or attacking others, you seem to love doing it.
  10. Man I forgot the only things that matter in life are what law schools use to judge applications. You people have very limited perspectives
  11. If people were more open to the idea of sharing this info, and it became normalized, then we could. You know how you discourage that collection of data? By immediately assuming the worse and becoming personally offended someone would even care to ask such a thing.
  12. Why are you just against the gathering of this type of data? I think it would be very interesting to have some type of way to figure out how many law students are produced by each undergrad program in Canada.
  13. What issue? What’s the issue at hand? Wanting to know what undergrad institution people went to before they got into law school? Controversial opinion but I actually think asking people “what school did you attend before law school” is entirely relevant to said question.
  14. Did you know sometimes people are interested in things purely for their own sake?
  15. You got a very negative mentality man. You got into Osgoode, many people’s dream school. Why be bitter that Ryerson, a school you didn’t even want to go to, rejected you? Just laugh it off, it’s one of those things.
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