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  1. Awesome, thank you for this! And congratulations, that's amazing!
  2. I still haven't had a report generated for UofT, should I be concerned?
  3. received an email this morning was put in queue on the 14th LSAT 167 (November) / cGPA 3.78
  4. in queue 12/14/2020, 167 (Nov) LSAT / cGPA 3.78
  5. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give Wave ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
  6. Question: Osgoode and Western have generated a "First Time Report" on my LSAC (December 4th), the "First Time Report" on my OLSAS is listed as my first take, on November 25th my LSAC was updated with my second score described as "Update," does this mean Osgoode and Western have only seen my first take despite my second take being listed by the time my report was generated? Is this normal? What should I do? Also for context, I did indicate that I was writing in November on OUAC and it seemed to be received.
  7. Really great points, thank you! I hadn't considered that they might evaluate me later. I think you've convinced me to not do a re-write.
  8. Definitely re-write! The third time was the charm for me, hopefully it is for you too! I was PT'ing around the same as you, studied A TON, but then scored a 160 in August and got super discouraged. I signed up for the November LSAT and almost decided to cancel my rewrite because I was so busy with school and just overwhelmed in general. Eventually, about several days before the actual test date, I convinced myself to rewrite instead of cancelling. I did not do a single full practice test between August and November (only did some easy games and medium difficulty arguments to refresh my brain) and ended up scoring 167. I'm not recommending not studying at all (perhaps I got lucky), but I believe the step back and lack of LSAT burnout helped. I think your past studying WILL pay off and hopefully in January! Good luck!
  9. Thank you, this is reassuring! I guess I am a little afraid because I anticipated my average score (167) for my first write, but ended up getting a 160. I suppose I could cancel if something goes terribly wrong (which is the feeling I had for my first one) and it would have no effect? or is a cancel worse? Also, if I hypothetically get a December offer, would re-writing the LSAT in January have any effect on anything? This is kind of obnoxious but I would be tempted to write again for fun just to challenge myself (as opposed to cancelling my re-write).
  10. update: I received an email from LSAC today reminding me that I have a coupon to write again for free... I think I will. Is this a good or bad idea? My last score was a 167 but I have consistently scored slightly above (168-172) and slightly below (165-166) in my recent PTs. UofT is my dream school and I feel it's kinda a toss up at this point for whether I'll get in (especially with the supposed competition this year). If I do score lower, will this taint my application in any way? Thoughts appreciated!
  11. on OUAC it says that my November LSAT score has been uploaded, I assume that schools (such as U of T) may have already made their December decisions by now then? and thanks for all the help!
  12. thank you HAHA ! we love to see it, I've been bopping to pretty savage all day ohhh ok good to know, that's what I was wondering, thanks for the heads up! U of T is my top choice so I'm going to hold out until the bitter end (stream star!)
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