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  1. Hello all, I understand that personal interest credits can be troublesome for applying to law schools; however, I am wondering if it matters if one nominates a course for a personal interest credit after they have submitted their application(s) or after they have been accepted. For instance, if one has been accepted to Queen's Law, does it matter if they nominate a course for pass/fail after this fact? I.e., in their final semester? Apologies if I'm not articulating this question well enough.
  2. Got the email at about 1 today. cGPA: 3.65 L2: 3.88 LSAT: 160 and 162 Best of luck to those who haven’t heard yet!
  3. Awesome, one more stupid question for you. When they say “your last 20 semestered courses” how do they arrive at what the last 20 are ...? I know this sounds incredibly dumb but humour me for a second. I understand that a course that I took in the winter semester of my third year is more ‘recent’ than a course that took in the fall semester of my first year, but how does Western decide what courses are ‘more recent’ or ‘later’ than others within the same semester? To get to 20 courses Western will have to take one from the Winter semester of my first year but they could take one where I got a C or one where I got an A — I got the marks in the same semester so how can one be ‘later’ than another? I apologize if this question is asinine.
  4. On Western’s website it states that: “We define your last 2 years of university as your last 20 semestered courses for which you were assigned grades... However, courses for which you received a Pass or Credit are not included, and we will not break up semesters. This means that if you did not take 5 courses per semester in your last 4 semesters of university, your “Last 2” may include academic terms that precede your third year of study (depending on your timeline and whether you were full- or part-time)...” Currently I am in my fourth year and have applied to Western. In my second year I took 5 courses in the fall, 4 in the winter, and 1 in the summer. Additionally, I did the same thing in my third year. In these two years, in the semesters that I took 4 courses, I achieved all A’s and A+‘s; however, given the information that I have included above, I am now worried that these grades won’t be counted in my “last two years.” Is this the case?
  5. Like the title says -- general category. Grades calculated per OLSAS scale.
  6. Considering retaking the LSAT in January because my test scores are fairly lower than my practice scores. Applied to U of T, Osgoode, Ottawa, Queen's Western, and Dal.
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