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  1. I can actually get a JD at uMontréal in english, so technically I could still do my studies in a bilingual fashion. :) Thanks for your input, will take your thoughts into consideration. Thanks so much your insightful post!
  2. ****i should i add I would pursue the JD at uMontréal as well.
  3. Bonjour, Has anyone here ever had to choose between uMontréal or McGill? J'ai l'intention de travailler soit à Montréal, soit à Ottawa (pour le gouvernement, probablement). J'ai déjà fait un bac à McGill. I appreciate any insight and feel free to DM me! Merci à l'avance! (p.s. I have read all the threads on this forum comparing the two; though they are a bit dated and would like some fresher thoughts).
  4. Thank you so much for your thorough response, I greatly appreciate it! That's a great overview of all the practical experiences that McGill has to offer, which is really great to hear, as I have pretty much decided I do not want to pursue academia. And I've also heard a lot about how McGill prepares students for a wide variety of career paths, which is exciting because I'm not sure whether I want to work for the gov/public sector or private sector etc. I'm glad you're loving your time there; you've provided some good information here and I will definitely be in-touch if I have further questions.
  5. Hi everyone, There are some older threads comparing these two schools but would love to hear updated thoughts; especially with regards to individuals' experiences (alumni or current students) with respect to: -theory and transsystemia at McGill; if McGill is really philosophy/theory heavy throughout the entire degree -experience with preparing for and writing the bar --whether you felt you had many choices/opportunities afterwards for articling and jobs attained afterwards -overall vibe in terms of the ages of students (i know mcgill accepts way more older students than umontreal, but wondering how older students found umontreal) -the overall level of enjoyment of each program with respect to courses, the curriculum, and teaching styles (i know obviously one will not enjoy every moment of anything, just would like to know on the overall) Feel free to DM me responses as well. Thanks everyone!
  6. I e-mailed admissions about this! Here was their response, directly quoted: "Thank you for contacting the Admissions' Office of the Faculty of Law, Common Law Section. We recommend that you input your decision in OLSAS two to three days in advance of April 1st, so that there is sufficient time for us to receive it in uoZone. However, we understand that some applicants may wait until the very last minute, and, as such, we will not cancel unanswered offers immediately on April 1st. Should you have any other question, please feel free to contact us again."
  7. It definitely does, thank you! Congrats on your acceptances!
  8. Two questions: 1) has anyone ever provisionally accepted an offer on OLSAS AND accepted and paid a deposit from a school outside of Ontario? I am asking because I have received an acceptance from non-ontario school that has not given much time to give a response. 2) has anyone ever requested an extension on responding to an offer (for a school outside of ontario)? Please DM me if so; would love to hear your experience.
  9. Ah perfect, thank you so much!!
  10. Hi, I received an offer back for uOttawa's PDC program last month. It seems to me i have to make a decision about the offer on uOzone in addition to OLSAS. If i were to provisionally accept, does anyone know if there's a "provisionally accept" option on uOzone as well? Any insight would be appreciated! Thanks
  11. Wait so does a provisional acceptance mean you can rescind the acceptance without paying a deposit as long as it's before July 1? And to clarify, if you make an acceptance on OLSAS but you are waiting to hear back from other places in Ontario, those applications won't close?
  12. Hi everyone, Would anyone have any insight on the PDC program at uOttawa v. the civil law program uMontreal? I am aiming to work in the government, but am also open to working for a private firm. Did anyone go to uMontreal and then complete a 4th year of common law? What were job prospects like when you completed this route? thanks!
  13. Hi Everyone, I would love to know more about uOttawa's combined JD/LLL PDC program. From browsing this website, it seems there are a lot of older discussions on this program, but I would love to hear more from current students or recent graduates (with respect to articling/bar exams/jobs, and overall what their experience was like in the program)? Much appreciated!
  14. Hello, Would anyone be able to provide their input on McGill vs. Dalhousie vs. uOttawa for let's say, environmental law (minus tuition/living costs)? Furthermore, if one wanted to eventually work for the federal government in Ottawa, is there one school that would be more ideal (aside from proximity)? Thanks for any information you can provide!
  15. I would advise contacting OLSAS to ask this very question via SAM messaging function in your application. I had questions about my transcript submission as well (my school only submitted final grades at the end of january ). OLSAS replied pretty quickly there.
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