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  1. Hello! As the title says, does anyone know if they are making any more offers or only waitlists and rejections? My status on the portal has not been updated since December Thank you! and Good luck to everyone!
  2. I am not sure I understand the GPA conversion. When I used the tool on this forum, I calculated by GPA to be 88.8% but was informed that my GPA was 86%. I have a 3.97/4.0. I have only 1 B+ and rest all As on my transcript (highest is A, we do not have A+), so I am not sure why it is down to a 86%. Is the conversion weighted?
  3. No! I am general, which is why I am super stressed. I had called them a week back and they said they still haven't gotten to it. I've called 3-4 times till now and I don't want to annoy them by calling again but at the same time I just want to knowww/ get some update 😫😢😢
  4. I still haven't gotten my GPA or any update on my application. Does anyone know how late it can go? I am worried if they may fill up all the seats before my GPA even gets calculated
  5. Called them yesterday. They said they will still need 2-3 weeks before they can calculate my GPA 😢 anyone else in the same boat?
  6. Congratulations!! 😌 was it just a call? or did you also get an email/have it reflected on your portal?
  7. Someone just posted in the accepted thread that they received an offer today. Maybe the wait wont be that long? 😋 fingers crossed!!
  8. I believe in one of their emails/tumblr posts they specifically asked not to send them any updates with regard to any achievements/opportunities etc as it would be unfair to other candidates who do not do the same (and if everyone were to do that, they would probably never get through the review process). So, if I were you, I wouldn't send any updates as the specified not to, and it would actually end up reflecting badly on you (following instructions etc). Hope this helps and good luck!!
  9. Hi all! I was registered to take the jan LSAT, but have decided to withdraw my registration. In my UBC application, I had indicated that I intend to take the Jan LSAT. Is there any way I can change that in my application? Or should I call them directly? I had emailed them earlier regarding some other query but did not receive a response, so I am not too sure if I should rely on email. Thank you!
  10. I have no idea. I just wanted to be cautious since all of the other schools I have applied to have asked for updated transcripts.
  11. Hello! Does anyone know if there is/what the deadline is to send in our transcripts for the fall 2020 semester (undergrad)? Thank you!
  12. how do I request transcripts through OLSAS? Even when applying there was no transcripts request option in OLSAS - I had to request transcripts through my school and have it sent to OLSAS.
  13. Congratulations you all! Did any of you happen to take the Nov 2020 LSAT?
  14. Finally in queue on Dec 14th! OLSAS cGPA 3.97 / LSAT 164 (only Nov 2020 attempt on file)
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