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  1. Hi there! Sorry if this is in the wrong place--I was wondering if anyone could give me a sense of whether I should stop w my applications now that I've gone through the big Ontario schools and UBC/McGill or if I could possibly aim for HYS or CCN schools as well... My LSAT score is 172 and my cGPA is 3.93, although I think American schools probably calculate it differently. L2 and B3 are 3.89 and 3.96 respectively, if that helps. I also have a small issue with my transcripts, in the sense that I didn't think a transcript would be neccessary for a summer course I took at NTU in Singapore (since it was Pass/Fail, didn't count towards my GPA and is written in my Western transcript) but OLSAS now has it registered as a missing document...will this be a major issue, and is there some way I can solve the issue? I've messaged through SAM on the application site but haven't gotten a response yet. Thanks so much!
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