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  1. Are there any types of positions in the legal profession that could be done without any formal legal training? I've applied for the Fall 2021 cycle and am wanting to gain some experience in the legal field before then (should I get accepted). It'd be a great way to get my feet wet, have some experience on my resume and have a realistic sense of what its like working in law. Any ideas? Currently in Hamilton, Ontario. Background: Accounting undergrad, with 16 months work experience in my program (in for profit and non-profit sectors). Year volunteering abroad in Central America. 3 years out of undergrad (25 y/o)
  2. What score would be needed with a 3.12cGPA, 3.23L2? I've applied to Osgoode, Ottawa and Windsor. My GPA is lower because I focused less on my studies and more on volunteering(and wasn't the most focused student tbh). My personal statement and volunteer history are fairly solid, including a year volunteering in Central America. I'll be three years out of my undergrad by the time Fall 2021 semester starts. I just got my second LSAT score back and its much lower than I wanted. (152). Any ideas on what LSAT score would be needed for these schools? (*posted it in the general section since it has three schools, instead of making three seperate posts)
  3. I just got my November LSAT score and it was a 152 (+1 from October, though +4 percentile). I was pretty confused as I thought my score would be better after the exam. Now I'm looking for outside sources such as a course or tutor to help me with my January test. Any recommendations online or in the GTA/Hamilton area specifically? Side note: I'll be taking time off work to study as I want to go all in for January's test.
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