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  1. Hey, They have received all of my documents, but they have not updated my transcript grade on file. However, they have updated my LSAT score. Did this happen to you as well?
  2. Hey, I have written the lsat before and received a 155. I know it is not the greatest score, hence I rescheduled for the upcoming January test. My only concern is if I don’t beat my previous score. If I don’t feel confident should I withdraw before the deadline or take the test and cancel. Would it weaken my application if there is a cancelled scored? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hey, can you post the screenshot if you don't mind. I am a little concerned as well as everything is complete but it does not include my GPA. It just says "Checklist item complete" under "Status"
  4. Is it possible to improve in 1.5 months. I did practice tests 75-89 and the flex exams.
  5. Hello, For those have applied when did you receive your Tru Id to be able to check the status of the application
  6. Hello, I wanted to see where I stand for admission. My GPA for the L2 is 3.62 (self-calculated) about 83% from UBC and LSAT score is 155 (ran into some technical difficulties). I have volunteered at a law firm, worked in real estate during undergrad and have decent community involvement. My reference's will be a prof and an individual for who I volunteered for. What are my chances for TRU? Thanks
  7. Thanks for the help. Since my L2 average is in between (82.4%) would it be higher than 3.67 or would they use that in the calculation?
  8. Hello, I was wondering if anybody knows what TRU would calculate as my GPA for my L2. My self-calculate percentage from UBC is 82.4%. Does anybody know what the conversion would be. I would really appreciate any help. Thanks
  9. Hello, I graduated from UBC and we use a percentage grading system. I wanted to know what my gpa would be on various scales. My L2 is 82.4% and cumulative is 77%. I understand each school has different scales, but any indication?
  10. Hello, I wanted to know my chances with my current credentials. I received a 155 on the lsat, my L2/83% and cumulative is 77%. I graduated from UBC–that is why my gpa is in percentage. I have decent ec's. I want to apply to tru and uvic. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks
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