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  1. This cycle is so unpredictable, hope to hear good news for you. I remember the feeling all too well when I had posted that last month. I was admitted to Osgoode before ever hearing back from Western and Queen's (in fact, I still haven't heard from either school), despite thinking I had a greater shot at the two latter schools. You just don't know.
  2. People too often focus on MA grades, when in reality it's the experiences that you gain while in graduate school that can make a substantial impact, especially in holistic schools. I believe that having an MA and all of its associated experiences (first hand research, interviewing and working with vulnerable population, publications) greatly helped my application and certainly added a great deal of depth to my personal statements. And at a holistic school like Osgoode, maybe that's what led them to admit me.
  3. I went into queue Jan 19 and I first received notification via email with an official letter attached! Email came in around 11am this morning.
  4. Accepted!!! CGPA: 3.96 LSAT: 158 MA - didn't fill out Part B. Can't believe it. Wow.
  5. When Luckycharm gives me a 95 percent shot at Western with the exact same stats as you ...
  6. 3.96 158 (Nov) In queue Jan 19. Havent heard a thing from Osgoode, Queens, or Western
  7. I'll start by saying of course this answer will vary by subject, professor, and length of exam. However, I'm curious in a general sense as to the amount of writing that is often required for law school exams, specifically for the core 1L classes. Interested to hear the average and/or range in amount of pages/words you write, or that is expected in 1L exams?
  8. Legolas - get a 100% silk tie for the interview. A non-silk tie will not do.
  9. For you guys applying to the NHLPA, do you or other applicants you know of, typically have sports-related backgrounds (varsity athletes) and/or experience with sports writing / journalism / sports legal clinic, etc ? Curious as to how much sports-related experience you need to be selected.
  10. Colleague of mine applied with similar concerns, albeit with a 3.98 151 and was rejected at Western and Osgoode. Applied across all Ontario - was accepted to Ottawa.
  11. In queue Jan 19 CGPA: 3.96 L2/B2: 4.0 LSAT: 158 Did not fill out Part B
  12. Hi all, MA specific question I know that February 1 is the "Deadline for English program, first-year applicants who complete courses in December 2020 to send their fall 2020 grades to OLSAS." However, as someone in the finishing stage of their MA degree, would I need to send an updated transcript by Feb 1st, if all I am doing right now is my thesis and its classified as a "graduate continuance course" with no grade attached to it. It does not affect or factor into my GPA whatsoever. Hoping someone can advise.
  13. Can only imagine how @Newfoundland would be in this cycle. For anyone feeling like they're overly stressed or going a little insane on this forum, go check out their post history to see what losing your sanity truly looks like. Dont be that guy. Get off the site if it ever gets that bad. For the sake of yourself and others.
  14. From Osgoode: Thank you for applying to Osgoode’s JD program. Our review process is underway. In determining the competitiveness of an application the Committee considers all components of the file. Information that is provided about competitive scores is informed by applicant pools from past years. This year we received an exceptionally high number of competitive applications for the same number of available spaces. Accordingly, what may have been considered competitive scores in past cycles may be higher this year. We will continue to review all files in accordance with our holistic admissions policy and post decisions as they are made. We appreciate your patience as we proceed through this cycle. The confirmation many of us had suspected about this wonderful year to apply.
  15. Anyone else like me, where the only request on LSAC has come from OLSAS and not any of the individual schools?
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