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  1. In queue Jan 19 CGPA: 3.96 L2/B2: 4.0 LSAT: 158 Did not fill out Part B
  2. Hi all, MA specific question I know that February 1 is the "Deadline for English program, first-year applicants who complete courses in December 2020 to send their fall 2020 grades to OLSAS." However, as someone in the finishing stage of their MA degree, would I need to send an updated transcript by Feb 1st, if all I am doing right now is my thesis and its classified as a "graduate continuance course" with no grade attached to it. It does not affect or factor into my GPA whatsoever. Hoping someone can advise.
  3. Can only imagine how @Newfoundland would be in this cycle. For anyone feeling like they're overly stressed or going a little insane on this forum, go check out their post history to see what losing your sanity truly looks like. Dont be that guy. Get off the site if it ever gets that bad. For the sake of yourself and others.
  4. From Osgoode: Thank you for applying to Osgoode’s JD program. Our review process is underway. In determining the competitiveness of an application the Committee considers all components of the file. Information that is provided about competitive scores is informed by applicant pools from past years. This year we received an exceptionally high number of competitive applications for the same number of available spaces. Accordingly, what may have been considered competitive scores in past cycles may be higher this year. We will continue to review all files in accordance with our holistic admissions policy and post decisions as they are made. We appreciate your patience as we proceed through this cycle. The confirmation many of us had suspected about this wonderful year to apply.
  5. Anyone else like me, where the only request on LSAC has come from OLSAS and not any of the individual schools?
  6. Hoping someone can advise on best course of action. When I submitted my application OLSAS, I had indicated I would be taking January LSAT (mostly as a precaution in case Nov LSAT came back poorly). Now that the November scores have been released and I am content with it, I no longer want to write the January LSAT and have updated my LSAT info on OLSAS to remove the January test from the "future test dates." Just wondering if that is all that is neccessary - or if it is required/expected to update the schools I applied to individually, informing them of the change in the application (as I've seen some people say it could delay review of the file, if for example they're still waiting on a January score). Any help would be great, and good to know. Thank you.
  7. Yes, completed full course load, also while playing varsity athletics which is why I'm hoping it will serve as a somewhat helpful soft factor. Thank you for the input! Awesome to hear you got in that early. Fingers crossed.
  8. Thank you for the input! I also want to say I appreciate all the time you spend in going through every member's posts. Any prediction on when I could hear back from schools based on students with similar stats?
  9. Hi, Hoping you can give me some feedback on chances for Osgoode, Western, and Queen's. CGPA 3.96 L2 4.0, (OLSAS converted) LSAT 158 Softs that may be relevant/beneficial: Varsity athlete, Master's degree, OGS recipient. Thank you.
  10. Hi all, Just received email from UWO with user log in credentials. In the email, it was noted that they received over 2700 applications this year. Checking last year's cycle, only 2174 applied. Wondering if this bump in apps will hold true for the rest of Ontario, and if so, curious to see how much more competitive it is for spots this year. I know there's been quite a lot of talk on here and speculation about this year's cycle , these early numbers for UWO suggest could be quite a competitive year.
  11. Especially if it's true that OZ likes the cGPA
  12. I unfortunately don't have the money right now to afford a private tutor. I had been regularly hitting between 158-161 in practice and know that with Nov and Jan as re-writes, I would bet on myself to hit at least 158. Based on previous chances posts, I did go into this cycle thinking my GPA + a 158 would get me in , but the 155 obviously has me pretty unsure of what the chances currently would be at. I appreciate all the help
  13. Hi guys, Just received OCT Flex score back and disappointed that LSAT came back below my PT avg around 158-161. With that being said, I am re-writing in November. Wondering what you think my chances are as it stands, CGPA 3.95 , L2 3.99, LSAT 155 (also have 4.0 MA degree). Applying to Osgoode, Queens, Western. Thank you for all input and help.
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