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  1. Hi! Did anyone get in from the waitlist?
  2. I honestly I have no idea... They have a holistic approach. I know that someone got in with an r-score around 33 already. Personally my grades are not good at all so I'm not sure it's a good sign that I'm still on ready for review. I think I should expect a rejection soon. But again, I don't know...
  3. But I know that they already started rejecting CEGEP students a while ago.
  4. I'm also a CEGEP student, still on ready for review...
  5. My goal is to pursue graduate studies in the UK, maybe practice for a few years in Canada/QC, do research in the legal field and eventually work in academia. I'm not interested in big firms. I guess my priority is to study in a program that would help me get into a graduate program at a prestigious university in the UK (Oxford/Cambridge/UCL).
  6. Not really sure. I'm interested in pursuing the one year JD and then graduate studies in the UK after my degree. After that I will think of where I want to practice... But I'm sure I would be interested in practicing in Montreal eventually.
  7. Ottawa Civil Law COOP VS Udem Law?? Is coop civil law worth it at the university of Ottawa? How about compared to law at Udem? Does the COOP program really offer you more opportunities than a law at udem?
  8. Ottawa Civil Law COOP VS Udem Law?? Which one would you recommend? Is Ottawa COOP worth it? Would you get more opportunities with Ottawa coop civil law compared to udem law?
  9. Le premier juin, au pourrait voir les mouvements sur la liste d'attente.
  10. Hi! Yes it is in some cases but quite rare since McGill doesn't accept a lot of students with lower grades. Because McGill has a holistic approach, you might have higher chances there with a lower GPA/R-score if you have extraordinary references, an outstanding CV and a great personal statement + do super well in the interview (if you're from CEGEP)
  11. Any news? Was anyone admitted/rejected from CEGEP?
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