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  1. Accepted via email! cGPA: 3.63 LSAT: 161 Applied Access
  2. Accepted! Looks like the offer was made yesterday, but I just got the email today. cGPA: 3.63 LSAT: 161 Applied Access Best of luck to everyone still waiting! (Especially fellow access applicants 🥰)
  3. Yay Ontario schools are no longer MIA! This is exciting, congrats everyone!
  4. Mine was also the same as lawapplicants.ca, but I was only able to see cGPA. Would L2 and B3 also be available (once it's reposted)?
  5. Thank you. If you don't mind me asking, do you think a higher LSAT score will improve my chances for Western? Or does it now just depend on their assessment of my access claim?
  6. Not sure how to calculate B2, but B3 seems to be 3.86. L2 is 3.47 unfortunately due to factors mentioned above.
  7. Applied to Western, Queen's and Ottawa. I think my cGPA is just above 3.6 but it's brought down by my L2, which is lower than my potential due to extenuating circumstances that form the basis of my access claim. I thought a 161 was decent enough to apply given my claim, but I'm having doubts and feel like I could improve my chances if I prove I can do better 😕
  8. I appreciate the responses! I think I'll take a PT in the next couple of days to assess where I'm at (since I admittedly haven't looked at one since August) then factor that into my pro/con assessment. I don't want to pay to retake and purchase new resources if I can only realistically score around the same or lower, so we'll see.
  9. Hi everyone. The deadline to register for Jan2021's LSAT is coming up (Dec 2) and I'm pretty conflicted. Generally speaking, if I were to score lower in Jan, what's the worst that can happen? Will that decrease my chances, or will I not be affected if schools only consider my highest score? Just trying to weigh the pros and cons of retaking. I don't want to share too many specifics, but I will say I got a 161 on my first attempt in August. Thanks in advance.
  10. Genuine question that just occurred to me... Did applicants accepted for this year (Fall 2020) have the opportunity to defer their acceptance one year due to COVID? And will this decrease the number of applicants accepted for Fall 2021, due to these deferrals being factored into class sizes? .. or maybe I'm misunderstanding the whole situation 🤔
  11. I think Western is my top choice! It's close enough for me to drive home every few weeks, and it seems to have enough courses/opportunities to allow me to specialize in labour and employment law
  12. Pretty stressed.... I check this forum daily lool. It doesn't help that we're pretty much in lockdown here in the GTA so there's not much to do other than work 😪
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