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  1. 28, making 50k per year, school would probably only be around 8k per year, in terms of financial obligations, they are all work related, rent to live close to work, food and utilities. But school would deplete any savings i have, while part time would allow me to still work and pay for school since its essentially evenings and weekends. i'm surprised law schools don't consider part time degrees, since they are open to mature applicants , i thought it would be more of common to see applicants with part time degrees.
  2. this would be my major concern, the ROI has to be worth it to me, and don't want to get scammed. i don't see my situation as financial hardship, more like dumb decision making, putting work over school in highsight. And i wouldn't want to take the opportunity away from someone who really needed it and had a more sustainable financial hardship I'm still concerned that if i go through completing the part time degree in computer science, law school admission will dismiss it since its part time and look at my first degree which has a very low GPA. Would it be better to try and do the last few semesters as a full time student? It's gonna be difficult with full time work but may not have a choice.
  3. It's a part time degree program from ryerson (evenings and weekends for now), also completed certificate programs for finance related/job related things. whenever i mention going to law school, a lot of people suggest going overseas or to programs around canada, that no one has ever heard of, and from talking to people who don't have connections in the legal world, it's harder to find a job by going to a school that accepts anyone and everyone. So i just thought someone like myself that doesn't have a job waiting for them when i graduate should not risk going to a school without a solid reputation. I used to work a lot while doing full time school and my marks paid the price for that, but I wasn't homeless or anything, i was just poor, so i don't think financial disadvantage would apply to me or the other criteria in Access.
  4. I'm researching law schools and what to get some honest opinions on my chances of getting into a top school in Canada. I completed a business degree a 5 years ago with a cGPA of 2.97, final 3 full time semesters where 2.57, 3.05, 3.82(summer school). Now i'm taking a part time degree program getting As and Bs, cGPA 3.7, but its 12 courses spread out over 1.5 years in computer science. I'm taking computer science as a backup in case i can't get into a top law school, I could find a job in this field, but maybe this hurts my application since it's highly quantitative with no real writing or research. Just want to know is it too late for me to get into a top law school since part time programs are not considered and at the moment full time studies in not an option. I'm asking specifically about school in canada, I understand school in U.K might take more people in but i fear it will be a struggle later when finding a job if it's not a school in Canada with a good reputation.
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