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  1. I applied in early to mid October but did not have all my reference letters in until November 12th. Then I got an email saying the assessment process had begun on December 2nd! I would not be worried though! I think they slowly comb through applicants it seems
  2. Excited to be writing this! Just got the email- accepted!!! My assessment process began on Dec. 2 for reference. lsat: 165 Gpa (self-calculated): 3.8 ish
  3. The OLSAS website says that your GPA will be given to you in document tracking section in December but I still do not seem mine. Do you think I should reach out or maybe is it just taking a few days to update? I really want to confirm my OLSAS gpa!!
  4. When I emailed a couple weeks ago inquiring about what my GPA is they said they were in the midst of evaluating my file and could let me know in a couple weeks when they finished. What do you think this means? I’m worried as they seem to just be telling others there GPAs and not to worry and offers coming ://
  5. Does the UofA consider your marks in the fall term if you’re in your fourth year right now? I have applied and am wondering if they use my grades this semester in consideration of the 45 credits they use since they aren’t using Winter 2020 other than part of the 60 credits).
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