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  1. Congratulations! Did you apply under “general?”
  2. This was so helpful, gave me lots me hope lol. Thank you so much!
  3. That’s such a relief! I CR/NCR 2 courses in winter 2020 so I was left with 3 courses that semester that were graded. I previously thought they wouldn’t be counted towards my L2. But after this post, I believe they WILL be counted right?
  4. Really? So the semester course load doesn’t disqualify your grades from being in your L2 if it’s not considered a full load?
  5. Congratulations! Did you apply General?
  6. Yeah you’re right, I was hoping they would look at it lol. Thank you though, & you too!
  7. Thank you for your insight, it really means a lot! Osgoode’s my first choice, hopefully my stats aren’t too low for that.
  8. Yeah, that’s true. UofT isn’t my first choice anyways, I’m aiming for Western or Osgoode. Do you think I’ll have a good enough chance applying for those in my fourth year?
  9. Hey! Yes I’m applying in my 4th year and with what I know so far, my fourth year will be counted towards my B3. I was relying on my second, third, & fourth year for that (my first year was terrible) which I believe will end up being around 3.85.
  10. This really helped boost my confidence & motivation as I previously thought I had nearly no chance lol. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me out!
  11. You’re right, thank you! I’ve checked out the predictor as well.
  12. Thank you so much for responses! Means a lot!
  13. Hello all, Does anyone know how many times the LSAT will be offered this year before November? When do they generally release the dates? I haven’t written it yet & I plan to apply in November 2021. Will it be offered over the summer at least once? Also, do you guys think it’ll be LSAT FLEX or in person over the summer? Thanks!
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