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  1. Added to the waitlist on April 26th GPA 3.40 L2 3.78 LSAT 158 Filled out part b
  2. Accepted today via email. Still can't believe it. GPA 3.40 L2 3.78 LSAT 158 Applied access
  3. In queue as of January 19th. CGPA: 3.40 B3: 3.60 L2: 3.78 to 3.87 (depending on whether you include the extra semester I did at the end of my degree) LSAT: 158 (best) Filled out Part B.
  4. For schools that look at B2/L2 is that number calculated by OLSAS or by the schools themselves?
  5. @Luckycharm No I didn't. The location wasn't ideal for my partner and I.
  6. Chances at Western, Queens, and Osgoode? I applied access due to health problems in first and second year that really hurt my cGPA.
  7. Wondering what my chances are -- I'm unsure if I should rewrite the LSAT in Jan. I applied to Osgoode, Queens, and Western. I applied under the access category due to health issues that significantly depreciated my CGPA in first year. I'm sure these posts are getting annoying, but any feedback would be really helpful!
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