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  1. Just a quick question, it seems like a lot of you waited until march 31 to respond to your april 1st deadlines. I have an april 13th deadline and i just accepted it on olsas (april 12th), and then it says it takes a business day to process. then i check my acceptance letter from ottawa and it says, ouac takes 2 days to process + and additional 3 days for ouac to notify ottawa. Should i be worried?
  2. I have almost the exact same stats as you, im still waiting on most of my schools as well
  3. well im just waiting for them to reject me now, with my 3.4 gpa
  4. did you commute to school during your undergrad? if you did I'd assume its pretty much the same but expect heavier work loads. I don't think it'd necessarily affect your ability to connect with people... it's just how much time you want to spend on campus and how late you'll be getting home. Personally I commuted 1.5h (3h a day) to campus for 4 years of my undergrad and I absolutely hated it. I'm going to be living within walking distance from campus for sure.
  5. my friend who attends rye told me that they said itll be in person for the most part with remote for large classes. but i guess only time will tell how covid is in toronto. Im a master student at uoft and its the same announcement, i also dont know if ~200 class sizes are considered large bc here we have classes that go up to 1000.
  6. im surprised ottawa didnt take you, as ive got significantly lower stats than you (but have a MA) and i got i ottawa. but looking at your stats they fare well with Queen's average acceptance (slightly lower on the LSAT, but gpa wise its looking good)
  7. yup as others have said, website says april 5. im sitting with gpa 3.42 (3.69 l2) and 159 LSAT, with an A avg in my crim masters. hoping for the best, goodluck everyone
  8. cgpa: 3.42 B2: 3.69 currently in 1 year masters: A average accepted to ottawa last week, been in queue since december
  9. There's no such thing as a 'set' provisional acceptance date for april 1. You have until your offer (April 14th) to make a decision, whether you choose to firm or provisional. April 1 is just the general date that most people get if they have early offers, you must've received your offer sometime last week, so your deadline is april 14 regardless
  10. Just checked uOzone and it says admitted! general category cGPA: 3.42 L2/B2: 3.69 LSAT: cancelled, 159, 158 Currently in a one year criminology masters with A average ECs: basically none LOR: strong academics, weak employment (one from a job i got fired from) statements: not good as well, i didnt get to edit them. There's hope for all of you! with my stats, I'm sure you all have a chance! stay strong
  11. Applied to Uoft, osgoode, ottawa, queens, and western I'm currently at UofT for my Masters in Criminology and planning on doing the LSAT once more in Jan.
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