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  1. For Sale: - 2020 PowerScore LR Bible - 2020 PowerScore LG Bible - Loophole in Logical Reasoning by Ellen Kassidy Books are in perfect condition. I am located in the GTA.
  2. Really enjoyed reading this while eating my lunch. Thanks everyone
  3. Not going to comment on your chances, but the most recent round of offers have a deadline to accept of April 29. I would guess the next round of offers will come after April 29. Good luck.
  4. Received an email this afternoon cGPA: 3.67 B2: 3.75 LSAT: 162
  5. There's also a Facebook group called Canadians on TN whose members provide helpful info
  6. I didn't apply to Ryerson, but I would check your offer letter / package to confirm if there's anything else you need to do. My guess is that there are probably no further actions required. Congrats on firmly accepting!
  7. The offer package states you need to do it through OLSAS, no mention of Student Centre.
  8. Disagree. Offers were made during the last week of March according to previous years acceptance threads.
  9. Investopedia is decent for summarizing key business concepts
  10. Is it really $1000 / week? That's painfully low.
  11. I share the sentiment. Good vibes all around.
  12. Anyone else join today's Virtual Welcome Day? Just curious to know if other folks from this forum joined
  13. Its normal. I first got the notification in Student Centre, followed by an email later on the same day, and then finally OLSAS the day after. Congrats!
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